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LSG New Music Series 8/07/08

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  • Rent Romus
    ************************************* Outsound Presents LSG New Music Series @ LUGGAGE STORE GALLERY 1007 Market St. @ 6th St San Francisco, California USA
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2008

      Outsound Presents
      LSG New Music Series @
      1007 Market St. @ 6th St
      San Francisco, California USA

      Thursday, Aug 7 2008 8:00 PM

      8pm Nick Lyons & Lorenzo Sanguedolce duo(NYC)
      9pm Sound for the Organization of Society


      Nick Lyons is an improvising alto saxophonist living in Brooklyn, NY since 2005. He graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory in 2004 with a Bachelor of Music degree and relocated to San Francisco, where he performed as a freelancer until returning to New York City in January 2005.
      Recently, Nick has performed throughout the Northeastern US with his trio, the Adam Caine/Nick Lyons Duo, and with, among others and in various formations, pianist Connie Crothers, tenor saxophonist Lorenzo Sanguedolce, bassist Adam Lane, pianist/vocalist Kazzrie Jaxen (formerly Liz Gorrill), and bassist Ken Filiano.
      Nick has recorded several projects and plans to release duo albums with Adam Caine and pianist Carol Liebowitz in 2008.

      Sound For the Organization of Society is a creative music ensemble founded in New Orleans in 2004. The group plays original music by all of its members, and presents works which equally balance composition and improvisation. The music draws from a variety of traditions and musical styles: jazz, classical, the avant-garde, and various ethnic musics. The unusual instrumentation of the band mirrors variety of its members, who hail from various cities across the U.S. and Europe and have wide-ranging backgrounds from classical composition and performance to rock and free jazz. These disparate styles and the unique instrumentation lead to a distinctive and intriguing group sound. The band was originally organized in 2004 for a concert at Loyola University New Orleans. After several succesful performances, planning began for an album, but the project was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina, which scattered the band members across the country. They were able to reconvene in May of 2006 in New Orleans to record “India and Africa”, their first album, which will be released in June 2007. Although the band members are once again dispersed around the country, a second recording project is currently being organized.

      Cost : $6-10
      Aug  14 8:00pm Point of Contact Ellen Weller/Bob Weller/Marcos Fernandes (San Diego)9pm: Tanja Feichtmair (Austria) with Damon Smith

      Aug 21 8pm: Benjamin Bracken 9pm: Jackson Emmer conducts "The Interactive Concert"

      Aug 28 8pm: Thea Farhadian - laptop9pm: Iron dog (NY)
      Outsound Presents is a emerging non-profit volunteer
      collective of explorative sound artists who, among other things, are
      involved in running performance venues, recording labels, and other D.I.Y.
      The Luggage Store Gallery is a non-profit art organization
      that graciously provides venue support.
      For Gallery info tel: 415.255.5971;
      For booking email Rent Romus: rentromus@...
      To get to the LSG New Music Series take BART to the Powell
      street station and walk a little over a block to 6th & Market.
      Parking is best on Mission between 6th & 7th Sts.
      for more info visit:

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