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Celebrate nine years with free103point9 this month

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    03.01.05 transmissions www.free103point9.org free103point9 started on March 7, 1997 with a show at a loft near the second L stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,
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      03.01.05 transmissions

      free103point9 started on March 7, 1997 with a show at a loft near the
      second L stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with DJ Singe, I-Sound,
      DJ Matt Mikas, and others.

      For nine years, free103point9 has strived to promote transmission
      artists, and those who wish to use radio in a creative way, as well
      as serving as a community resource for New York. Our "Radio Lab"
      education program has enabled others, and free103point9 Online
      Radio and our extensive online Audio Archives reach around the world.

      We urge everyone to celebrate nine years of free103point9 by adding
      an event of your own to our Schedule web page, and spread the word
      about whatever activism, sound art, or performance you are working
      on. If you would like to help more, search our Volunteer page for
      opportunities. Or attend one of the following special events we
      have planned in the coming weeks:


      Sun.03.05.06 Audio Skill Share, 2-6 p.m.
      @ Wave Farm, 5662 Route 23, Acra, NY
      w/Dharma Dailey (Prometheus Radio Project)

      Fri-Mon.03.10-13.06 ScopeOnAir
      @ scopeNew York, 636 11th Ave., www.scope-art.com
      w/31 Down, Alexis Bhagat, Matt Bua, Damian Catera,
      Melissa Dubbin + Aaron Davidson, The Dust Dive,
      Joshua Fried, Anna Friz, Tianna Kennedy, LoVid, Matt
      Mikas, Michelle Nagai, neuroTransmitter, Ben Owen,
      Radio Ruido, Tom Roe, Michelle Rosenberg, and Scanner.

      Sat.03.25.06 free103point9 9th Anniversary Benefit
      @ free103point9 Project Space, 97 S. 6th St., 2nd fl.,
      Brooklyn, 4 p.m.-1 a.m.
      w/Eys Tek (ex-Telepathy), Brooke Gillespie aka Holy Experiment,
      Stars Like Fleas, The Occasion, DJ Matt Mikas, and others.
      Live audio and video web stream at www.free103point9.org.

      Tue.03.28.06 Surge Live
      @ Participant, Inc., 95 Rivington St., Manhattan.
      free103point9 and Rhizome present:
      Presentations from 31 Down, Angel Nevaraz, and New York Society
      for Acoustic Ecology.
      Projects on view by: Abe Linkoln and Marisa Olson, Leslie Sharpe,
      and Jimpunk.

      Fri-Sat.03.31-04.01.06 Improvised and Otherwise online radio stream
      @BRIC Studio, 57 Rockwell Place, 2nd fl., Brooklyn,
      free103point9 webstream of annual event supporting the momentum
      of experimental composers and performers.

      Mon.04.10.06 Skyline with Tom Roe and "Making Waves" film screening
      @ The Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 6th Ave., Troy, NY. 7 p.m.
      Radio performance from Skyline (John Baird and Damian Catera) joined by
      Tom Roe, with the first area screening of "Making Waves," a microradio
      documentary by Michael Lahey. Also streamed live on free103point9.

      Tune in or turn out this week:

      WEDNESDAY: Noise Solution, 11 p.m.- 1 a.m.

      THURSDAY: Radio Squidco, 3-5 p.m.
      Dizziness, 5-7 p.m.

      SUNDAY: Audio Skill Share live from Wave Farm, 2-6 p.m.
      After the Polka, 3-5 p.m.
      (both streams available at www.free103point9.org)
      Giant Ear)))), 7-9 p.m.

      TUESDAY: Triangulation, with Radio Ruido live from
      free103point9 Project Space, 7-9 p.m.
      Radio Home Listen, with Ben Owen, 9-11p.m.

      WEDNESDAY: Noise Solution, 11 p.m.- 1 a.m.


      THROUGH MARCH: "Surge" from Rhizome and free103point9
      31 Down, wwwSomnambulator
      Abe Linkoln & Marisa Olson, Universal Acid
      Angel Nevarez and Alex Rivera, The LowDrone
      NYSAE, NYsoundmap
      Jim Punk, Rrose AsCii morse Code
      Leslie Sharpe, SendingSGLLLL

      ((((( free103point9 Dispacth Series reviews )))))

      two reviews from The Wire
      Feb. 2006 issue

      Nels Cline + Chris Corsano + Carlos Giffoni
      (free103point9 LP + CD AD 017)
      Reviewed by Edwin Pouncey

      This inflammable approach rears up on "Graduation," on which Cline
      and Corsano are joined by electronics musician Carlos Giffoni to
      make up Graduation Trio. Giffoni's exploratory laptop explosions
      give Cline and Corsano more room to open up and move around.
      There is more electricity being thrown around here, and Cline's guitar
      is the perfect lightning rod to attract the most active source, and
      allow the action to flow. Meanwhile, Corsano's hungry
      flailing at his tortured drum kit neatly blends in and reinforces the
      feedback shriekings and furious electronic meltdown of his fellow
      players. Recorded in Brooklyn in May 2003, pressed up on a thick
      lump of black vinyl and slipped inside a silkscreened sleeve,
      "Graduation" bears all the post-punk hallmarks of a future classic.
      Buy or cry.

      "Recorded Live at OfficeOps"
      (free103point9 CD AD 023)
      Reviewed by Marc Masters

      In America, the initials N.R.A. are most often associated with the
      pro-gun National Rifle Association. Hence any utterance of those
      letters tends to chill the spines of those of us uninterested in shooting
      animals or defending against phantom dangers. The work of the lesser
      known N.R.A. has a similar effect, but this multinational trio uses
      sound rather than fear to elicit physical response. Japanese
      percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, American cellist Vic Rawlings, and
      Columbian instrument inventor Ricardo Arias make nerve-affecting
      music, finding utitlity in every possible strike, scrape, and squeal.
      "Recorded Live at OfficeOps" offers a complete, 41-minute performance
      by this air-expanding ensemble, from a concert organized by Brooklyn radio
      station/website/label/curator free103point9. Though the
      disc is divided into 16 tracks, it's best ingested as a single,
      uninterrupted emission. N.R.A.'s bubbling soundstorm unfolds with
      uncanny timing, achieving sweeping climaxes, absurdist punchlines and
      reflective pauses, all through the subconscious magic of well-honed
      improvisation. Piercing whines, roaring scrapes, and kitchen-sink
      clatter are deployed with deft precision and boggling variety. The
      results work on the ears like a drug, turning simple physical events
      into striking mental mirages. Most fascinating is imagining where all
      these beautiful noises could have come from. Nakatani's drumkit
      occasionally pokes through the din and one can make out Rawling's
      blurry cello during the album's starkest moments. But where Arias's
      "bass-balloon kit" (a collection of balloons played with accessories
      such as sponges and rubber bands) fits in is a complete mystery, and
      the anonymity of N.R.A.'s mechanisms just adds more intrigue to
      their captivating music. When, at album's end, all the sounds
      fade away and human voices step in, it's sort of shocking, an unwelcome
      taste of an outside world that N.R.A.'s alternative reality clearly trumps.

      For more information see:

      ((((( free103point9 Online Radio This Week )))))

      "Noise Solution," 11 p.m.-1 a.m.
      Noise Solution is an experimental music radio show hosted by
      804noise which airs on Richmond's WRIR (97.3-FM) and free103point9
      Online Radio. "Noise Solution" provides interactive community
      programming where invited guest host's and dj's from the 804noise
      community can share their experimental music collections and

      "Radio Squidco," 3-5 p.m.
      Radio Squidco Live show every Thursday at 3 p.m. from Squidco,
      the New York-based online magazine and distributor. Hosted
      either by DJ Disturbed, DJ Hypotenuse, or DJ Blind.

      "Dizziness," 5-7 p.m.
      Tom Roe hosts this weekly show live from upstate New York
      at the free103point9 Wave Farm, sampling and manipulating
      all sorts of local frequencies.

      "Audio Skill Share," 2-6 p.m.
      Listen to microphone and webcasting skill share live from
      Wave Farm in upstate New York with Dharma Dailey (Prometheus Radio

      "After the Polka," 3-5 p.m.
      Originally aired on in the same timeslot on WMNF (88.5-FM) in
      Tampa, Florida in the 1990s, Jenny Juristo Morrison hosted what she
      called, "a schizophrenic, progressive collective for the discerning
      ear" each Sunday after Beachy Bruce's "Polka Party." "After the Polka"
      originates from the Devil's Isle Recording Studio in Rockland County,
      New York.

      (both shows will be available at the same time at

      "Giant Ear)))"
      "Kingdoms Sans Humans" is the theme this month of this show by
      the NY Society for Acoustic Ecology is a monthly, two-hour radio show
      webcasting recordings of the NYC soundscape, (wo)man-on-the-street
      interest interviews, live on-site sound explorations, special guests,
      and more.
      7-9 p.m., last Sundays of the month, with repeat first Sunday of the

      "Triangulation," 9-11 p.m.
      Radio Ruido live from the free103point9 Project Space in Brooklyn.

      "Radio Home Listen," 9-11 p.m.
      Ben Owen-curated show.

      "Noise Solution," 11 p.m.-1 a.m.
      Noise Solution is an experimental music radio show hosted by
      804noise which airs on Richmond's WRIR (97.3-FM) and free103point9
      Online Radio. "Noise Solution" provides interactive community
      programming where invited guest host's and dj's from the 804noise
      community can share their experimental music collections and

      For more information see:

      ((((( Surge )))))


      free103point9 and Rhizome are pleased to announce an online
      exhibition of web-based projects selected from an open call for
      submissions. "Surge" includes works by artists 31 Down, Abe Linkoln
      and Marisa Olson, Angel Nevarez and Alex Rivera, NYSAE
      (New York Society for Acoustic Ecology), Jim Punk, and Leslie Sharpe.
      The featured projects employ new media tools to both conceptually
      and formally address different possibilities for transmission art

      Some consider the nature of signals as they move through the ether;
      others appropriate forms of wireless transmission, such as the
      military's aerial 'drone' or the programming language AsCii, to
      propose new kinds of digital communication. A public presentation
      in conjunction with the exhibition will take place at Participant, Inc.
      in New York on March 28, 2006.

      To launch the exhibition click on:

      For more information about the participating artists

      31 Down

      New York Society for Acoustic Ecology

      Jim Punk

      Leslie Sharp

      Abe Linkoln and Marisa Olsen

      See also:

      ((((( Other events this week from
      free103point9 Transmission Artists )))))

      January 24, 2006 - April 9, 2006
      The Space Between Us
      Matt Bua
      University Art Museum, University at Albany,
      State University of New York, 1400 Washington Ave., Albany,
      New York 12222 , (518) 442-4035
      Drip-Man finally meets Speaker-Man.
      This exhibition features the work of eight artists who explore
      a range of spatial circumstances inspired by familiar interiors
      and the surrounding architecture. Working in video, painting,
      drawing, and installation, Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua, Dawn
      Clements, Richard Garrison, Mark Greenwold, Oliver Michaels,
      Fabien Rigobert, and Mary Temple share an affinity for overlooked
      spaces (real or imagined).

      For information about these events and many others at:

      ((((( AIRtime Residencies at free103point9 Wave Farm )))))

      AIRtime residencies provide a valuable space for artists to
      pursue new transmission works with access to equipment and
      technical support, and conduct important research about the
      genre using free103point9's resource library. Residencies are
      available by application. Approximately ten artists are selected
      each season. Residents are provided with meals and train travel
      or gasoline reimbursement from New York City
      (or comparable distances.)

      Projects worked on during AIRtime residencies are considered
      for possible release through free103point9's Dispatch Series.
      Selected projects are presented in conjunction with
      free103point9's exhibition and presentation program PETS.
      Artists-in-residence also interact with free103point9 Online
      Radio, presenting live on-air programming during their stay
      when appropriate.

      Facilities and Environment

      Residents are housed in a private cabin with WiFi access, on
      free103point9's Wave Farm. The cabin is situated across
      from the residency of Program Directors Galen Joseph-Hunter
      and Tom Roe where meals are provided. Equipment, studio
      space, and reading and listening libraries are also located
      here during the 2006 program. (AIRtime will move to a
      dedicated study center and residency facility opening
      summer 2007.)

      Equipment and Resources

      Residents have access to a variety of transmission equipment
      (transmitters, radios, CBs, walkie-talkies, etc) and analog and
      digital recording gear. The library contains hundreds of
      publications concerning television, radio, media art practice
      and theory, as well as audio and video resources.


      Postmark/e-mail deadline: May 1, 2006
      attn: AIRtime
      5662 Route 23
      Acra, NY 12405
      Please include the following in your application materials:
      Name of Artist/Collective
      Contact e-mail
      Contact phone


      Artist Statement
      Without exceeding 500 words, please describe your
      current artistic practice.

      Proposed Project Narrative
      Without exceeding 1000 words, please describe your project.
      Please include your anticipated timeline for completion.
      Note: AIRtime residents are not required to complete projects
      during their residency stay.

      Work Samples
      Work samples may be presented in the form of images,
      audio, video, and/or urls.

      Desired AIRtime Schedule
      Residencies are available July - October 2006.
      Please identify the time-period you would like to be considered
      residency durations are flexible.

      For more information see:

      ((((( ADD YOUR EVENT )))))

      The free103point9 Schedule has one of the largest resources for
      experimental sound art and transmission-oriented events.

      Please add your event today:


      ((((( ADD YOUR SOUND )))))

      Send CD, LPs for airplay
      on free103point9 Online Radio to:

      freee103point9 Wave Farm
      5662 Route 23
      Acra, NY 12405

      ((((( )))))

      free103point9 Online Radio
      Tune in around the clock.

      Transmission arts, creative radio, and more.

      Packages: 5662 Route 23, Acra, NY 12405
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