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REMINDER: i.r. presents frances white and judy klein with elizabeth brown | thursday 12/02 @ 8 pm | a.c.c.r. | troy, ny, usa

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  • jason steven murphy
    (this event notice is brought to you by the letter abacus and the numeral abraxas , so, in the fine spirit of abra-abra-cadabra , i wanna reach out and
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      (this event notice is brought to you by the letter "abacus" and the numeral
      "abraxas", so, in the fine spirit of "abra-abra-cadabra", i wanna reach out
      and forward this email to everyone i know - i mean, "grab ya". cue synth
      solo - i need a mineral water and some lurid tumbleweeds.)

      impulse response presents:

      frances white
      judy klein

      featuring elizabeth brown (shakuhachi)

      thursday 12/02 @ 8 pm
      arts center of the capital region
      265 river street, troy, ny, usa
      $3 students and seniors with i.d. / $5 general admission

      we are pleased and honored to present to you as our final concert of our
      fall season, an evening of computer music featuring two of the most
      sensitive composers in the genre. The music of judy klein, frances white,
      and elizabeth brown has been performed the world over and we are excited for
      the work that they will bring to troy.

      the program will consist of two pieces:

      judy klein's "the wolves of bays mountain" (2 channel tape)
      frances white's "birdsong, for tape and shakuhachi"

      the composers and performer have provided us with plenty of words of their
      own about themselves and their music for you to peruse below... hope to see
      you there!

      regarding judy klein's "the wolves of bays mountain":

      The wolves of Bays Mountain by Judy Klein. During the 1990s, Klein recorded
      wolves living in a nature preserve in Eastern Tennessee. The composition
      uses the Csound computer music language, with the recordings providing all
      the source sounds. The performers (?) include the wolves Navarro, Kashtin,
      Djenoun, Askina, Mayehi and Kanati.

      % for more information on this event, please contact 518.281.3206 or

      % for more information on the impulse response series, please visit


      impulse response
      info at ir-music dot org
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