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novel: a benefit for the deep listening space | saturday 4/10 @ 8 pm | kingston, ny, usa

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  • jason steven murphy
    (if you forward this event notice to all yr fellow scoundrels and scalawags, i will be sure to not bust into a middle ages vernacular - forsooth) the pauline
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
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      (if you forward this event notice to all yr fellow scoundrels and scalawags,
      i will be sure to not bust into a middle ages vernacular - forsooth)

      the pauline oliveros foundation presents

      ++ novel ++
      a benefit for the deep listening space

      the players:
      the jesse stiles 3000
      seth cluett
      + special guests

      an evening of out-tempo up-sounds for a great cause

      saturday 4/10 @ 8 pm
      the rondout neighborhood center
      103 broadway
      kingston, ny, usa
      $8 general public / $6 students and seniors with i.d.

      let's not mince words here: the deep listening space has been doing IT for
      almost a decade now in the historic / positively lovely rondout district of
      kingston and the area / all of us are better as a result. if you want some
      velvet fog or a cheap crabmeat buffet, ya hit atlantic city - if you want
      the best in contemporary art and cultural events, ya hit the d.l.s. with the
      quickness. so it is only fitting that we roll out the red carpet in the
      shape of a benefit / crazy warped dance party that will have you shaking
      yr... well, whatever you shake while you scratch yr head bewilderingly,
      because this is going to be some sock-knocking-off action. listen -
      evidence (still blushing from a glowing review in the new york times
      concerning their amazing new cd "out of town") want nothing more than to
      wrap you in a beat or two and keep you snuggly for their whole dynamite set.
      aw. the jesse stiles 3000 does not have any dynamite (at least i hope not),
      but he does have the rhyme and the reason that you will find totally
      scintillating - engaging / rocking ya on a molecular level. bally ho - seth
      cluett has it loaded into r.a.m. and when he hits return, it's merely a hop,
      skip, and a jump to total pandemonium - musical pandemonium, y'all. and the
      best thing about all this is that the spinach cultivated from this madcap
      event will go into making sure that the deep listening space keeps on with
      more of the same. i mean, i like a friday night throwdown, but a friday
      night throwdown for a GREAT cause? hit it, gidget.

      % for more information on this event, please contact 518.281.3206 or

      % for a link to the downloadable hot poster made by mark graveline, please
      visit http://www.oddnoise.com/ir/images/novelfliers/novelcolor.pdf (then
      proceed with the plastering of it everywhere)

      % for more information on the deep listening space (75 broadway, kingston,
      ny), please contact 845.335.5984 or visit http://www.deeplistening.org/dls/

      % for more information on the rondout neighborhood center, please call

      % for more information on evidence (including sound samples), please visit

      % for more information on the jesse stiles 3000 (including sound samples),
      please visit http://www.conrexrecords.com/jts3k/index.html

      % for more information on seth cluett, please visit

      % for more information on the skfl mob / impulse response collective (the
      people producing this event), please visit http://www.ir-music.org/



      + Deep Listening Space: The 9,763 square foot brick building, with its
      distinctive storefront windows, is located at 75 Broadway in the Historic
      Roundout of Kingston, NY, two hours from New York City in the burgeoning
      Hudson Valley. Deep Listening Space comprises administrative offices, a
      gallery, a recording studio, an open courtyard, two apartments and raw space
      that is poised for renovation as a multi-media production lab and theater.
      The building serves as a home for many of the projects of the Pauline
      Oliveros Foundation.

      The events offered at Deep Listening Space reflect the Foundation's interest
      in new work, cutting edge technology, collaborative work, and the
      enhancement of human kind through creative expression.

      The gallery and performance space are dedicated to celebrating the diversity
      of artists and cultures in both local and worldwide communities. This space
      provides a welcoming venue for exhibitions, theatrical performances,
      readings, concerts, symposia, workshops, and community dialogues. Over 85
      exhibitions and upwards of 1700 performances have been curated by Artistic
      Director Ione since its opening in 1996. Programs include the Deep
      Listening concert series and Live Letters Literary series. Community Cafés
      encourage community dialogue with emerging artists; Dream Festivals
      celebrate all aspects of the arts, and Women and Identity Forums spotlight
      women in the arts. There is also an Artists-in-Residence Program, and a
      Celebration of Cultures program featuring free concerts on the nearby
      waterfront in Mayor Gallo Memorial Park.

      % for more information on the deep listening space, please visit

      + Founded on the conviction that creativity forms the vital spirit of public
      and personal growth, the Pauline Oliveros Foundation fosters the creation of
      innovative art and associated technologies, and cultivates a global
      perspective in the arts and education through the practice of Deep Listening

      Composer Pauline Oliveros founded the Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Inc., a
      501c3 Not-for-Profit Arts Organization, in 1985 in order to provide a
      support structure and base for artists creating new works in traditional and
      digital media.

      POF began serving artists in New York City in 1987 with concerts of new
      music composed by local artists. Activities began in Kingston, NY in 1988
      with residencies, concerts and full-scale productions.

      Deep Listening Space, a building in the Historic Rondout in Kingston
      currently comprising a gallery, recording studio administrative offices,
      apartments, an open air court yard and copious raw space, was purchased in
      1995 with assistance from the City of Kingston. Over the years, the
      building has become a lively hub of activities, drawing audiences from the
      neighboring community, the greater Hudson Valley and New York City.
      Established artists, as well as those who are beginning to find their
      voices, gravitate to Deep Listening Space from the five continents.

      % for more information on the pauline oliveros foundation, please visit
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