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Re: Online Press...but on to other things...

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  • rentromus@yahoo.com
    Although it can be annoying to some to read about living musicians and hear about their accomplishments without the glossy promo of a magazine ad etc. etc. it
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2001
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      Although it can be annoying to some to read about living musicians and
      hear about their accomplishments without the glossy promo of a
      magazine ad etc. etc. it is important to experience the now. I like
      it all. The discussion, and the promotion. It says to me at least
      there is something going on outside the mothballs.

      That said *grin*. I'd like to see more discussion on Albert Ayler and
      any musicians that are contributing towards the "advancement" of what
      Ayler left us. His contribution I feel has still to this day been
      highly underplayed. His influence on Coltrane's truly exploratory
      advancement on the music was IMO paramount. And, it is surprising to
      me how so few people seem to make this connection (or at least admit
      to it). I guess since there is so little real content on the web and
      almost nothing in real book print it is very difficult to put all the
      pieces together. But, again as I think I mentioned in a earlier post
      the absolute best and most well thought out biographical writings on
      this unsung extremely under appreciated figure in the history of
      improvised music is by Dr. Jeff Schwartz
      In dispelling some of the romantic myths surrounding his short and
      tortured life Dr. Schwartz' research brings some interesting light to
      some dark places in human creativity. And as an exploratory musician
      myself I feel there was some major stoppage with the advancement of
      the music. Hopefully with the resurgence of Ayler and other
      lesser-known figures this will not always be the case. And maybe in
      the distant future this country will join with most of the civilized
      world to support it's artists instead of either making fake industry
      puppets, or rewarding creativity with poverty and jaded indifference.
      That being said anyone have clue one about Donald Ayler? Is he still
      around playing music, or is he still in and out of mental health

      -Rent Romus

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      > >I don't what if any mechanism exists to enforce this here. I do
      know that
      > >if the listmarketing doesn't stop, I'm outta here.
      > Yeah, I agree. I don't mind getting a spam from someone who
      contributes an
      > interesting discussion from time to time. But most of these spams
      are from
      > people have nothing or have had nothing to say to the list
      whatsoever beyond
      > promoting some BS or other. I think the ratio should be 2:1 at
      least on the
      > number of discussion contributions versus spam. I hope this list
      > started up again soon. It was dynamite about 15 months ago, but has
      > languished for a long time since. I just saw the new Bill Dixon box
      > at Other Music. Has anyone dropped cash yet? How is it?
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