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August 2000 Transbay Creative Music Calendar

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  • Ernesto Diaz-Ifante
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31 7:16 PM
      AUGUST 2000

      New Tuva Improvised Music Series
      every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month
      [help us celebrate this new series with 2 evenings of:
      August 6th
      Improvisation taken to the extreme! Curator Gino
      Robair will form spontaneous groupings of local and
      visiting musicians. You can only get this kind of
      experience in a live performance - not from a
      recording. Its the stuff our series is about.
      Impromptu and ad hoc groupings assembled from a pool
      of improvisers:
      Kurt Newman (from Toronto) (guitar)
      Ben Opie (from Pittsburgh) (reeds)
      Shoko Hikage (koto)
      Damon Smith (bassist)
      Matthew Sperry (bassist)
      Dan Plonsey (reeds)
      John Shiurba (guitar)
      Gino Robair (mixed media)
      Miles Boisen (guitar)

      August 20
      The experimental-fun continues when some of the best
      electronic [and electronic sounding] improvisers in
      the bay area are matched up in unlikely and usual
      combinations. Come and watch what happens, and please;
      DON'T DO THIS AT HOME! [look at
      http://www.concentric.net/~Mingalls/artrattan for a
      list of performers and other details]

      shows start at 7:42pm, $ donations taken at the door.
      Tuva Space is located at 3192 Adeline @ MLK Street in
      Berkeley, one block from the Ashby BART Station. more
      info: 510.444.3595

      @ The Luggage Store Gallery

      Thursday - August 3
      8pm Merlin Coleman
      Bay Area composer/performer Merlin Coleman will be
      performing a set of her songs and various texts, and
      improv on cello and voice.

      9pm Josh Allen/Milo Francis Duo
      Josh Allen (tenor saxophone) and Milo Francis (drums)
      team up to showcase their ongoing improvisational
      relationship in a duo setting.

      Thursday - August 10
      8pm Assif Tsahar Trio
      Assif Tsahar - tenor sax and bass clarinet
      Spirit - percussion
      Damon Smith - double bass
      Assif Tsahar was born in Israel, 1969 and grew up in
      Tel-Aviv. In pursuit of music he came to New York in
      1990, receiving a diploma from Mannes College of Music
      and B.F.A at the New School. In 1998 he was awarded a
      young composer's grant from the Jerome Foundation.
      During the past three years he has produced over 50
      performances of creative improvised music. Co-founder
      and co-producer of the Vision Festival, a five day NYC
      multi-arts festival of contemporary music, dance,
      poetry and visual arts and Hopscotch Records - a
      not-for-profit record label founded 1999.
      "One of the great new talents in New York" (Time Out
      New York)

      9pm Amy Denio/Miya Masaoko Duo
      Currently on a US tour with Francisco Lopez, Amy Denio
      will be exploring new sonic terrain on guitar, voice,
      and accordion with kotoist Miya Masaoko. A born
      collaborator, Denio has produced a plethora of
      recordings and played hundreds of concerts worldwide
      with a wide variety of folks, including Fred Frith,
      Chris Cutler, Guy Klucevsek, Pauline Oliveros, Hans
      Reichel, and Tom Cora. Seattle's Avant Goddess, her
      music has been described as "funkilyarnarchistic" by
      the New York Times.

      Thursday - August 17
      An Evening of Abstract Rhythms - Curated By Kattt
      8pm Max Gill, Kevin Morrison, Lissa Tyler Renaud, and
      Kattt Sammon
      This group of performers will be reading avant garde
      poetry from the early 20th century.

      9pm Tom Nunn solo
      Instrument builder and performer Tom Nunn will present
      a solo performance on his original instruments the
      Octatonic and P-Rodimba. A CD of Tom's solo work will
      be released in September.

      Thursday - August 24
      8pm Paul Hoskin - solo contrabass clarinet
      Paul Hoskin is a reed player (focusing on the
      contrabass clarinet) from Seattle. His recent
      collaborations in Seattle include Bolt: an improvising
      horn quartet; and Sunday Sessions: a chamber ensemble
      featuring Ellen Fullman's Long String Instrument. His
      90-minute annual contrabass clarinet solos are
      "Paul Hoskin blows a contrabass clarinet that
      virtually paints your
      speakers black." -Sound Projector, issue no.4:

      9pm Bonnie Kane - solo tenor saxophone
      Downtown NYC avant saxophonist/bandleader Bonnie Kane
      returns to San Francisco for a set (with special
      guests) of noise, psychedelia and extreme avant-jazz
      "...Bonnie Kane is full on her punk look and
      ethos...she is the creative focal point..." -Flipside

      Thursday - August 31
      8pm Brett Larner -koto
      with Damon Smith and Matt Sperry -double basses
      An evening of strings, as Tokyo-residing koto player
      Brett Larner returns to the Luggage Store for his
      fourth annual August Bay Area appearance--this time a
      trio with contrabassists Damon Smith and Matthew
      "...seldom sounds the way you've heard koto in other
      contexts." -JazzNow Magazine

      9pm The Ehran Elisha Reunion Trio
      Ehran Elisha - percussion
      Adam Lane - bass
      Cory Wright - reeds

      Ehran Elisha composes and performs contemporary
      improvisational music and world percussion built of
      narrative motion, dynamic energy, tonal subtlety,
      textural interplay, and driving and probing ensemble
      empathy.The music is influenced by the Jazz continuum,
      both avant-garde and traditional, as well as
      contemporary Western-European music, and the
      pan-rhythmic musics of West African, Middle Eastern,
      and Asian cultures.
      "Ehran Elisha is a drummer with an unusually broad
      range of styles in his playing. Be-Bop, Max Roach's
      patient rhythmic deconstructions, to the totally
      free-pulse style of Milford Graves." Ben Ratliff, NEW

      THE LUGGAGE STORE GALLERY 1007 Market Street (2nd
      Floor) at 6th St., one block from Powell Street BART,
      San Francisco. It is a non-profit corporation funded
      by the City of San Francisco, grants, and your
      contribuitions. We ask that you contribute 6-10
      dollars. All Ages welcome, no one refused for lack of
      funds. Info: 415.255.5971 or
      luggagestore509@...; booking info:

      THE CLIT STOP Saturdays @ 9pm

      Saturday Aug 5 9PM
      featuring Women Beyond Extreme Approaching the

      An interesting Bay Area band Schematic plays strange
      serge synths and varied home made kits of varied
      complexities with a metal detector thrown in. The ever
      restrained Suitcase Sally reservingly avoids all
      sunlight and plays 'pink noise' to recombine her DNA
      to fit in with the "primitives" of the US. She is
      backed up by a back up band of 2 longhairs and a cone
      with sunglasses.

      Frotherthon is a deluded woman from the future who
      exists to d/educate the world via sound on the state
      of things in the future. She has an insect cage on her
      head with live bugs inside that act as "satellite
      brains". The other member is a hermaphrodite whose
      head fluctuates between a blinking woof pie and a
      pharmacutical medicine cabinet like a St Bernards
      collar giving much needed nourishment for the eyes. No
      feminity involved.

      Mussy Velasquez is a talented stripper new on the
      noise scene with the aimlessness of an ant in the
      dropped in the Sahara desert but instinctually plays
      sounds that come out incredibly innovative and WIERD.
      Big Techno Werewolves (scrambled egg blues) as back-up

      The legend behind the music that became Raped at a
      Disco pictures XuXa teaming up with Charro at a NAMBLA
      meeting in a Tijuana Disco. The rest is history in the
      making short of pure genius!!--"The kids love it, and
      we love to love them--each and every one--one by
      one--sometimes two at a time"--Quoted from Xuxa of
      RAAD. This is sexxxy dancing fun for the whole

      Saturday Aug 26 9PM

      The triumphant return of Moe Staiano to ClitStop will
      reign in the end of summer (or the beginning of SF's
      short, late summer) with his 12-piece Moe!chestra
      performing Piece No. 2: Death by Dildo. Moe was banned
      over a year ago by the Delivery Room after destroying
      a beautiful old organ and dousing the room in
      thousands of tiny pieces of porno-confetti, which is
      still being cleaned up to this day. Come see a room
      full of guitars turned into sexual objects turned into
      guitars turned into sexual objects, plus contrabass,
      drums, and the spastic Groucho Marx-like conducting of
      Moe! who will make us happy he's back at clit again.

      >From NYC, Kane last appeared at Clit a year ago with
      sax in hand, a 16-second delay and a blow-hard spirit
      with her hard-hitting free rock group W.O.O.
      Revelator. This year she teams up with the local
      prepared-guitar antics of Diaz-Infante who will be
      making his first appearance at the 'Stop for sure-fire
      sparks and plenty of aural callesthetics.

      Featuring Looney and his laptop processing center to
      make grand use of saxophonist AARON BENNETT to pulse
      and push and pull and twist and turn and poke and
      gestate and re-pulp and digest to present in a new and
      not altogether unpleasing manner. The first appearance
      at the 'Stop of this ongoing project.

      @The Delivery Room
      557 Howard Street (415) 896-6434
      between 1st & 2nd in downtown SF
      Doors @ 8:30 PM, $6-10 sliding scale, all ages
      Sniff around the Clit Stop for more shows...

      Zeum presents
      AVANT-YARD 2000
      a series of FREE concerts of experimental and creative
      SATURDAYS at 1pm
      August 5 - THE SHAKING RAY LEVIS
      The performing element of the Shaking Ray Levi Society
      is Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner. They have performed
      from New York to London and have received critical
      acclaim from the Village Voice, Keyboard, National
      Public Radio, The New Art Examiner, Tower Records'
      Pulse! magazine and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
      The duo uses storytelling, electronics and percussion
      in addition to handmade instruments of their own
      design to achieve their distinctive sound.

      August 12 - AMY DENIO
      Seattle1s Amy Denio is known around the world for her
      many beautiful personal; recordings, as a virtuoso
      multi-instrumentalist (sax, guitar, bass, voice, you
      name it), and for her impossible to categorize
      avant-pop songs. Her solo performances are
      breathtaking events of musical tightrope-walking.

      This acclaimed all-saxophone ensemble has
      fundamentally extended the horizons of music since
      forming in 1977. The Penguin Guide to Jazz calls its
      music "a teeming cosmos of saxophone sounds" created
      by deliberately eschewing conventional notions about
      swing [and] prodding at boundaries of sound and
      space..." Likewise Jazz: The Rough Guide notes,
      "highly inventive, eclectic and willing to experiment,
      Rova [is] arguably the most exciting of the saxophone
      quartet to emerge in the format1s late 70's boom"

      ZEUM is located at the corner of Fourth and Howard
      streets,south of Market in downtown San Francisco's Yerba
      Buena Gardens. Walk across the bridge from the Metreon. We
      are reachable by BART and MUNI from Powell. For more info
      call Zeum at (415)777-2800 or on the web:

      Static Illusion Music Series
      848 Community Space
      848 Divisadero St., San Francisco

      Sunday, August 27
      7:30 PM, sliding $7-$12

      The Static Illusion Series presented by 848 Community
      Space and saxophonist/producer Rent Romus, presents
      its summer blowout show

      OFF RAMP
      (the pioneers of electro-acoustic invention return
      from the underground) featuring:
      Tom Nunn - electro-acoustic inventions
      Doug Carroll - electric cello
      Jim Heron -electric violin

      Powerful fire art noise generating visuals beyond

      Downtown NYC avant saxophonist/bandleader Bonnie Kane
      teams up with SF prepared guitarist Ernesto
      Diaz-Infante for an evening of noise, psychedelia and
      extreme avant jazz improv. featuring:
      Bonnie Kane - saxophone
      Ernesto Diaz-Infante - prepared guitar

      Featuring Special Guest- Yehudit, electric violin
      Rent Romus, saxes, cans, keys, assorted things
      Bill Noertker, bass, flutes
      Dave Mihaly, drums, percussion

      Violinist Yehudit performs with finesse, power, and
      melodic originality

      Further information send email to:

      The Element of Temporary, ephemeral art and music
      Friday, August 4th, Art opening at 7pm, performances
      at 9pm
      2050 Bryant Street at 17th
      San Francisco, CA 94110
      $7 - $15

      Visual Artists:
      Chad Anderson Amy Balkin Daniel Gorell James
      Harbison Elliot Hess Karen Kirchhoff Evan
      Ellsworth Jourden Nate Longcope Laura Splan Emily
      Sevier Sarolta Cump Michael Rauner

      Performance Artists:
      9 :00 Evelyn Funes presents Simultaneous Duets: a
      video and sound installation with tracks of the artist
      on cello and other instuments, triggered by the
      motions of Seattle-based dancer ishan Vernallis.
      9:30 Randy Nordschow(composer) presents "genetic
      algorithm mandala" performed by maverick virtuoso Matt
      Ingalls on bass clarinet. The score for this piece is
      created on the floor with salt and carbon and will be
      destroyed while the instrumentalist performs and walk
      over the read portions.
      10:30 Eli Crews conducting electronics along with Liz
      Albee on trumpet and John Shiurba on guitar.
      -- intermission --
      11:00 John Ingle will present
      "presentlyhearafterwardheard," a new solo work
      involving harmonic singing and multiphonic saxophone
      11:30 Shinola-- Dylan Bolles on piano, Eli Crews on
      contrabasse, John Ingle on saxophones and Peter
      Valsamis on drums.

      Media Contact: Evelyn Funes, 415.219.1058

      Saturday, August 12 8pm
      New Work JOHN INGLE $8/6 Reservations 415.626.5416
      New Langton Arts 1246 Folsom Street, SF

      at Yoshi's in Jack London Square, Oakland
      Tickets: 510-238-9200 or http://www.yoshis.com

      Monday August 7
      Orquesta la Moderna Tradición with Special Guest
      Alfredo 'Chocolate'
      8 & 10 PM
      ($18, $35 reserved)

      Probably the only orchestra of its kind outside of
      Cuba, the Orquesta dedicates itself primarily to
      danzón, Cuba's national dance. Performing and
      preserving classic and folkloric styles, with danzón
      leading the way, this 11 member group honors these
      traditions with crisp modern arrangements of classic
      pieces and original com-positions. For the opening of
      the Eddie Moore Jazz Festival, the Orquesta is
      joined by 3Chocolate2 Armenteros. For over 50 years¹
      Chocolate has been the grand master of the
      traditional Cuban trumpet.

      Tuesday August 8
      Sex Mob Plays Bond
      with Special Guests John Medeski and Chris Wood
      8 & 10 PM
      ($25, $35 reserved)

      Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet), Briggan Kraus
      (saxophones), Kenny Wolleson (drums) John Medeski (B-3
      organ), Chris Wood (bass)

      When Steven Bernstein, Briggan Krauss, Tony Scherr,
      and Kenny Wollesen rolled together their talents, a
      duplicitous team was in the making. Their main
      commitment: ioto bring the sexy thing back into
      instrumental music. New York already knows that Sex
      Mob delivers a smart fun, musical orgy for the
      masses. Chris Wood takes Tony Scherr's place as
      bassist for this exciting event. On this special
      evening, Sex Mob is also joined by John Medeski on
      the Hammond B-3 organ.

      Wednesday August 9
      The Cindy Blackman Quartet
      8 & 10 PM
      ($25, $35 reserved)

      Cindy Blackman (drums), George Mitchell (b), Carlton
      Holmes (p) and J.D. Allen (tenor saxophone)

      Rising star drummer Cindy Blackman takes a break from
      her regular gig as the powerhouse behind rock star
      Lenny Kravitz to present her working band in her first
      West Coast appearance as a leader. Celebrating her new
      album, Works on Canvas (HighNote), Blackman and
      bandmates George Mitchell (b), Carlton Holmes (p) and
      J.D. Allen (tenor saxophone) will offer a
      melodic/rhythmic dialogue that can be by turns
      explosive and subtle but is always engaging.

      Thursday August 10
      Alvin Batiste and John Tchicai: Trio Meets Strings
      8 & 10 PM
      ($25, $35 reserved)

      Alvin Batiste (clarinet), John Tchicai (saxophones),
      Mel Graves (b), George Marsh (d), Kash Killion
      (cello), Anthony Blair and Steve Kindler (violins),
      Vincent Tolliver (viola)

      Danish saxophonist John Tchicai and New Orleans
      clarinetist Batiste will take turns leading this
      ensemble, then close each set playing together. This
      special group, brought together for a one-time
      Festival appearance, also features Mel Graves (b) and
      George Marsh (d), with a string section led by Bay
      Area cellist Kash Killion that includes Anthony Blair
      and Steve Kindler (violins) and Vincent Tolliver

      Friday August 11
      Archie Shepp meets Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio
      8 & 10 PM
      ($35, $50 reserved)

      Archie Shepp (tenor saxophone), Kahil El'Zabar
      Malachi Favors Manghostut (bass), Ari Brown (tenor
      saxophone, piano)

      The Chicago-based trio: percussionist Kahil El'Zabar
      (leader of the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble), Malachi
      Favors Manghostut (bassist for the Art Ensemble of
      Chicago) and long-time AACM stalwart Ari Brown on
      tenor saxophone and piano, make their first West
      Coast appearance ever! Joined by tenor saxophonist and
      60's New Thing master Shepp in a rare Bay area
      appearance, the and will highlight their dynamic 1999
      recording (Conversations), which celebrates the
      spirit of their friend and collaborator, the late
      bassist Fred Hopkins.

      Saturday August 12
      Southern Brothers
      8 & 10 PM
      ($35, $50 reserved)

      James Newton (flute), Kadri Gopalnath (alto saxophone)
      Poovalur Srinivasan (mridangam)

      The Southern Brothers is perennial Down Beat award
      winner James Newton's recent collaboration with
      Indian master musicians. Newton will be joined by
      alto saxophonist Kadri Gopalnath and mridangam
      (two-headed wooden drum) player Poovalur
      Srinivasan,.who just returned from a European tour
      with British avant-garde saxophonist Evan Parker.

      Sunday August 13
      Babatunde Lea and Friends>2PM Matinee
      ($15 w/0-1 child, $5 addt1l child)

      Babatunde Lea has played and recorded with everyone
      from Pharoah Sanders and Freddy Hubbard to Van
      Morrison and Santana. This afternoon, his quintet will
      be laying down smoking grooves, while educating the
      young of age and heart in this special matinee

      Sunday Evening August 13
      Pierre Dørge and The New Jungle Orchestra
      10-piece Danish band plus John Tchicai

      The Festival closes with the first West Coast concert
      ever by this, celebrated throughout Europe as a rough
      and tumble group of modern Jazz interpreters in the
      Ellington by Sun Ra mode. For this one-time Festival
      appearance, the group will be joned by reedman John
      Tchicai, who was a regular member of the group from
      their inception in 1980 until his departure for the
      United States 15 years later.

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