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jindra plays out again.

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  • John Jindra
    I understand that some of you on this list may not be able to fly from the Ukraine to Mpls by Friday, but, I m gonna tell ya what I m up to anyways. jindra
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 1999
      I understand that some of you on this list may not be able to fly from the
      Ukraine to Mpls by Friday, but, I'm gonna tell ya what I'm up to anyways.

      jindra show list for March.

      *Friday, March 5th, 10:30pm-Midnite
      JITTERS' Twillight Lounge (Maybe $2)
      jindra (solo w/ midi guitar/sampler/rack & pedal
      fx/loops/synth/acustic guitar/vocals/mixing board/fun)
      The night is comprised of a collective visual art
      opening and the Mpls Improv Group will be ambient full-steam in the front

      *Saturday, March 13th, noon-7pm
      Soap Factory (Free)
      jindra (performing solo and in ensembles with more focus on
      vocals and processing there-of)
      This day is a full born
      experimental-noise-electronica blowout entitled "Subzero".

      *Saturday, March 27th, 8pm-11pm
      Walker Art Museum, Gallery 8 ($6 or $8)
      jindra (performing solo and in ensembles focusing on
      disruptive samples and extreme sonic contrast)
      A collective of 10 peoples will slit up the first
      session in 5-8minute solo minuets. The second session will consist of full
      tilt ear to ear meetings between all of the artists. Near the last half,
      chatter will be made by all of the musicians simultaneously.


      -the Mooter 1997 release "free box of steaks w/..." is available on the net
      http://www.cdbaby.com <http://www.cdbaby.com>
      http://www.bignoisenow.com <http://www.bignoisenow.com>
      http://www.com4.com <http://www.com4.com>

      -the jindra solo release is scheduled for September 1999.
      -the jindra/vance duo cover album(featuring: sychronicity II and Lovers
      Concerto) is scheduled for December 1999.
      -another release will be available as early as June but I'm not saying what
      it is.
      -the middle-eastern-post-modern-avante-composed-free-jazz project is
      underway construction. The likely release date will be February 2000.
      -The 16-track digital studion which I've been using will be moving to my
      basement as soon as the construction design is finished.
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