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Stefan Dill - guitarist

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    GUITARIST STEFAN DILL - ANCIENT FLAMENCO MEETS FREEJAZZ IMPROVISATION Please view this information regarding guitarist/composer/improvisor Stefan Dill. I am
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      Please view this information regarding guitarist/composer/improvisor Stefan Dill. I am currently seeking to add additional concert dates for the U.S and European schedules and would love to hear from intertested parties.The music deals with exploring the musical and spiritual links between the most traditional flamenco and the most modern free improvisation in a unified performance: as such it may be of interest to many you of on this group.


      Stefan Dill has acheived a growing reputation in Europe with appearances at such venues and festivals as the FMP Total Music Meeting ( Berlin 1994), Zuid Nederlands Jazz Festival (Eindhoven 1995), Nickelsdorf concert season (1995, 1998), International Guitar Festival of Great Britain ( Wirral 1997), Paderborn Gitarrenfest (1998), V Festival Hispanoamericano de Guitarra (Tijuana, 1998) and many others. Further concerts are being scheduled.

      In 1995 the American modern classical label Centaur Records released the live solo CD Warning Clothed in Bright Robes of Dawn to great international acclaim. A second CD Sangre Del Rio was released on Dill's own Norumba Records in early 1998 receiving even further praise and reflecting a deeper flamenco involvement. A third solo CD and an electric group CD are in progress. CDs are avalaible for purchase , contact via E-mail below!


      Also see extensive interview in Gitarre Aktuell, II/98, No. 61 (available by fax on request)

      "Dill's playing is very quick, fluent, and highly accomplished, at times generating some beautifully rich and powerful textures inspired by the high drama of flamenco...stimulating". Geoff Cox, Classical Guitar (England), June 1998

      "Very much in the flamenco vein ...while displaying a sometimes delicate and sometimes turbulent style. Yet his emotional playing has all the elements of what creative improvised music is all about....unquestionably an exceptional performance." Cadence, April 1998 (Vol 24 No. 4)

      "While it's an oversimplification to describe these freeimprov/flamenco fusions as'Derek Bailey goes to Spain', Dill's evocative solo nylon stringpieces are an ear-stretching hybrid of Bailey's stark pointillism and traditional flamenco gestures....full of delicate dynamic shading and poignant silences. Soulful and innovative." Joe Gore, Guitar Player, May 1998

      "Eine mitrei´┐Żende Tour durch eine andere Welt von Kl´┐Żngen und Inspirationen. Flamenco? Ja - aber einmal ganz anders!" Peter Maier, Gitarre Aktuell, I/98 (No. 60)

      " ...haunting music in a language that floats on the threshold of the unconscious, congratulations!" Roberto Limon, Director, Centro hispanoamericano de Guitarra, August 1996


      This season I am pleased to announce the following formations:

      1) Solo;

      2) Duo w/ traditional Chinese instrumentalist/improvisor Xu Feng Xia;

      3)Quartet w/Alfred Harth (drums bass tba). This group will feature both acoustic and electric guitars, and is slightly more in a high energy free-jazz based domain.


      I can download via e-mail photos and sound files; a web site will be operative in the near future.

      For fees, schedules, or any additional information, please e-mail:


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