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Re: the new stuff & the world

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    In a message dated 12/31/99 8:53:37 PM, you wrote:
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      In a message dated 12/31/99 8:53:37 PM, you wrote:

      <<But...that shouldn't mean you ignore the new stuff Ivo Perelman, William

      Parker, Charles Gayle, Rob Brown, Simon Fell, Cooper-Moore, Susi Ibarra,

      etc. etc. etc. fot the early Shipp discs.>>

      absolutely, ken, and what's more, we should just gamble on instincts when
      something looks intersting...the same way i think most of us always have.. we
      find on thing and it leads to another and intuitively and by searching we
      find what we need. i found joe maneri's CD "kalavali" on cochlea way before
      i ever heard of him or saw his leo or hat discs, let alone met him and now am
      part of the family, in a way. it's so funny seeing the current avant
      establishment lsited as new... and i dont mean establishment in a megative
      way... thank goodness for these leaders and inspirers listed above. im also
      very interested (since the list has been discussing age) in what these great
      20yo kids are doing, esp some of the boston crew... james fei (solo sax on
      leo) and bhob rainey and vijay iyer and kenta nagai ... omg there are so many
      young ones doing great stuff. and there are a buncha high school kids now in
      nyc playing and listening and visible at the improv gigs... does my heart
      good. wish i had the nerve to go out beyond the vinyl world when i was in
      high school.

      and bill: <<One man's crap is another man's orgasm. It's clear as well
      that we all fetishize our collections>>

      what an apt megametaphor LOL. like all lusts, it's a matter of individual
      taste and again thank goodness, as we all will be loved. even some records i
      wanna give as frisbees do find love somewhere....god do i fetishize my
      collection... i'd more quickly loan a fave porn mag than any one of my discs-
      those do NOT leave the house. and i still love watching my records spin
      round and round, hypnotized. my cat has the same fixation. his master's
      voice. indeed.

      and david: <<music is measured in goosebumps and tears only.>> i bow to you
      on this, of course. it's just that i have become (long ago, when i was 5 yo)
      a music-slut and need to hear/see/buy so many discs/concerts in search of
      new/more/different goosebumps and liquid reactions.... oh yes, and jim black

      and nick: <<Jean Michel Jarre Egypt Pyramids extravaganza was atrocious>>
      omg i had to turn the sound off the teevee. for nearly all of the stuff.
      and that pbs woman announcer who mispronounced tobago, zocalo and a million
      other words and place-names. when i went out tonight to see the brooklyn
      fireworks, i had forgotten, that like the 4th of july fireworks, they are
      accompanied by awful force-fed music and so i went back in the house and saw
      them from afar....

      and brian re: bernhard gunter <<One of the many fascinating things about it
      is precisely that one is often not quite sure which sounds are issuing from
      the speakers and which are ambient in the environment.>> i'll listen again
      to give some recommendations. some of his 3" cds are great. it's funny
      about your not being sure about when the disc was on. i bought a disc cuz i
      read his interview in halana magazine and like what he had to say abt
      music/sound. i played the disc for the first time in the subway with
      isolating headphones, and thought the disc was blank, or malfunctioning, even
      when i turned it way up. only when i got home cd i hear the magic

      and to chris-- thanks for this list, man. thanks.

      steve, yes, the 42 yo blabbering monkeyboy :)
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