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Motive Power Videos Hi, We have started a You Tube channel, MotivePowerDotCom, to provide video walk-throughs of Motive Power 3.5. The first ones up there are basic training. They
Mar 16, 2012
Re: Operating Systems for Motive Power 3 and GarageKeeper 2000 I've made a detailed document that explains Motive Power to GarageKeeper users. It gives information on who should change to Motive Power and who should stay
May 10, 2010
Re: Hello fellow motive members...... Hi Bill, I'm jim Nelson of Nelsons Automotive. we have used GK and Motive Power forever up to 10 users at a time. We recently started a brand new shop and we
Jim & Cindy Nelson
Nov 17, 2009
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Hello fellow motive members...... We are R&A auto of Flagstaff Az. We run MP with 2 techs with lots of permissions that add jobs, parts, view history, along with edit cust/vehicle info and
Nov 16, 2009
Re: The MP Suggestion Box Rick, That wouldn't work for the shops that assign techs on the day of the job. They might have done a complete estimate, gotten the parts ordered, and checked
Myles J. Swift
Sep 22, 2009
The MP Suggestion Box As a service writer, When things get busy, I sometimes forget to assign a tech to a job I just sold. my suggestion would be: to have a reminder box pop open
Sep 22, 2009
Re: Woodinville Sports Cars ... You have to ask Yahoo that one. I did not see a feature like that. If anyone can tell me where such a feature is, I would be glad to turn it on. Myles
Aug 25, 2009
Woodinville Sports Cars We are now signed up to MotivePower + Yahoo. where is the spell chck ? Rick + Jon
Aug 25, 2009
Operating Systems for Motive Power 3 and GarageKeeper 2000 With GarageKeeper the question is how new an operating system can you use and for Motive Power you need to know how old an operating system will work. Motive
Aug 18, 2009
Introducing the Beta Testers Three shops did the serious beta testing of Motive Power 3. The beta test started in January of 2009. The product release date is Sepetember 1 of 2009. This
Aug 18, 2009
Greetings Hi, I set this group up to provide a place for users of Motive Power or GarageKeeper to help each other get the most out of their shop management software. Any
Aug 11, 2009
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