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Re: Question for Andy

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  • andrewhallcutler
    ... dysregulation ... blast ... Yes. A significant number of people get OCD from mercury tox without the benefit of a glutathione infusion to trigger it - it
    Message 1 of 75 , Sep 11, 2002
      > Yes, thank you! So the OCD which implicates neurotransmitter
      > is probably part of the mobilization of metals coming from the rapid
      > of thiols; makes sense.

      Yes. A significant number of people get OCD from mercury tox without
      the benefit of a glutathione infusion to trigger it - it is clearly an
      effect of increased toxicity due to concentrating the metals into more
      senstive tissues rather than any direct effect of the glutathione.
      Thus, the glutathione goes away quickly but the problems it causes
      remain indefinitely.

      >In the particular case I'm concerned with, it has
      > persisted for months after the infusion, as if something got turned
      on that
      > perhaps was latent and now seems chronic. Somehow I have had the
      > that you were encouraging parents to seek a cysteine level first,
      and if it
      > was low it would be an indication for IV GSH. I am not a big fan of
      the IV
      > route myself,

      Actually I would never encourage anyone to get it. I was saying that
      normal or elevated cysteine is an absolute contraindication. I still
      don't think it is a good idea even if cysteine is low.

      >and have found that starting with oral and then if no reaction
      > adding the compounded transdermal has been very effective for most
      of the
      > kids I work with - I started working with the child in question
      after he had
      > already been given the infusion, and the OCD is challenging to
      treat. I
      > appreciate your input. I have been hesitant to even ease into oral
      > transdermal after the obvious reaction to the infusion, but the fact
      > that he is low in cysteine and needs it, but I plan to start SLOWLY
      > watch clinical response.

      Welll...... hopefully you will still thank me after I make it even
      more confusing and scary.

      When people get toxic enough, the balance of preventing mobilization
      versus having inadequate antioxidant reserves actually favors reduced
      mobilization and they are most healthy with LOW cysteine/glutathione.

      There are cases (one discussed recently on list) of people with
      frankly low cysteine who did not tolerate any NAC or other sulfury

      In these cases I think you can do a lot of good with other
      antioxidants to spare and regenerate the amount of GSH the body wants
      to keep around. Even when this isn't a problem, I think starting with
      C 4 times a day, or in juice, etc. is a really good idea.

      Ultimately with these kids the solution is to chelate them adequately,
      and of course being fairly toxic they are difficult to chelate. But
      without chelation they aren't going to get any less toxic.

      Andy .
    • Mari Lynche
      Thanks Andy!! * They pulled the tooth because the permanent one was right under it and he has never had any caps or filings.  This was his first cavity ever.
      Message 75 of 75 , Mar 31, 2010
        Thanks Andy!!

        * They pulled the tooth because the permanent one was right under it and he has never had any caps or filings.  This was his first cavity ever. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of amalgams in the back of my mouth since I was probably 10 years old.
        * He was diagnosed with G6PD Deficiency after becoming very ill after being prescribed an antibiotic for an illness when he was about 1 years old. That is how I found out about the sulfur allergy.
        *   And yes I meant Super Nu Thera.  Sorry about the spelling. LOL
        * Finally, I will read the pages you suggested.  We did a hair test years ago and he had high mercury, cadmium and aluminum.

        From: andrewhallcutler <AndyCutler@...>
        To: Autism-Mercury@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Wed, March 31, 2010 2:12:48 AM
        Subject: [Autism-Mercury] Re: Ready to Start...Questions..Andy

        > OK..the teeth are fixed and I am ready to start.

        Open his mouth and look in and make really sure you do NOT see metal. Unfortunately there are some unethical ADA worshipping dentists who will place amalgam even when you tell them not to. So you have to check, even though most dentists are completely honest and ethical.

        > As much as I have done with my son Michael...I am still not a technical person. And reading the technical part of Andy's book is causing my OCD to go into overload LOL. So instead of recreating the wheel I thought it would just be easier to ask Andy directly.

        who will tell you to repeatedly read pages 235-240 and 245-247 of Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities until you can practically recite it to me because it is IMPORTANT you understand or at least know by rote what is in them.

        > He is 62lbs and right now he is on TMG, Supernthru w/o A&D, cod liver oil, probitics and anti-fungals when needed. These supplements really only started working for us after doing alternative medicine. He is on a gluten free, casine free, lutein free, fiengold and SCD combination diet. And it works well for him.
        > Do you recommend we add any supplements to his diet

        The vitamins C, E, magnesium and zinc as mentioned in the sections cited above.

        >once we start chelating?

        At all times until he is all better.

        >If so which ones? Should up the Supernthru dosage during chelation?

        I'm not sure if you mean Super Nu Thera or some other brand. Whatever you're using, just stand pat. Add the above to it.

        > Has sulfur medicine allergies.

        This may mean he is allergic to SULFA DRUGS, which is legitimate and no chelators are sulfa drugs so it doesn't matter, or it may mean you saw an incompetent fool pretending to be a health care practitioner who chanted about 'sulfur drugs' and 'sulfur intolerance' to help you keep your kid sick while they looted you. Doesn't matter either way, he has no more or less risk of not tolerating the chelators as anyone else before they start.

        >Â Do you recommend doing only ALA and not ALA/DMSA combination?

        Not based on anything you've said.

        >Will ALA be effective enough on its own?


        > What is the ALA & DMSA dosage for 62lbs?

        More or less 15 mg of each. Adjust as you wish and as side effects dictate.

        > I am to give it to him every 4 hours for 3 day straight (including nights), correct?


        4 hours is fine for DMSA only.

        Some people are OK on 4 hours for ALA, some need to do that every 3 hours. Most of those are OK with 3 during the day and 4 at night.

        > Do you recommend at the end of the 3 days to give activated charcoal to try to absorbs the mercury that is trying to redistribute?

        No. It doesn't work for that.

        > Finally, what should I see, Â good and bad, and what is the time frame?

        You should see some kind of response within 5 cycles (weekends) of chelation.

        > I mean, how long do you estimate I should chelate and will there be platues and/or regression? I know that you can't totally answer the last question but could you just give me some type of idea of what to aspect (good and bad).

        You may wish to make reference to figure 15 on page 52 of Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment for what to expect.

        Again, study this, it is important.

        Usually there are a few months of improvement, then a many month long period of stalled progress or regression during which it is important to keep chelating, then progress eventually resumes.

        This is always confusing when it is happening. Usually after it is all over you can figure out what happened when. At the time you just worry a lot. That's why it is important to understand what to expect, and that there is no precise timeline. How long things take varies from person to person.


        http://www.noamalga m.com/index. html
        Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment

        http://www.noamalga m.com/hairtestbo ok.html
        Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities

        http://www.noamalga m.com/nourishing hope.html
        Nourishing Hope for Autism: Nutrition Intervention for Healing Our Children

        http://www.noamalga m.com/biological treatments. html
        Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD

        > Thanks!
        > Mari
        > Â
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        > From: Mari Lynche <mari.lynche@ ...>
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        > Subject: Re: [Autism-Mercury] Question for Andy
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        > Thanks Michael
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        > From: Michael Ross <mrossgrp@gmail. com>
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        > Sent: Sun, February 14, 2010 6:44:03 PM
        > Subject: Re: [Autism-Mercury] Question for Andy
        > mari.lynche wrote:
        > >
        > > Hi
        > >
        > > My son Michael was diagnosed with autism at 3 and he is 11 now. We
        > > have done a lot of treatments with him with some good improvements. We
        > > started of with DAN doctors and did chelation with iv & suppositories
        > > of DMSA, DMSP & EDTA. The results had me go alternative medicine
        > > (homeopath, a form of NAET and other energy medicine) and of course
        > > diet. Our last practioner we have had the best results but she keeps
        > > coming back to chelation (which we had him hair tested years ago and
        > > had high mercury). She wants to do the clay baths but my heart keeps
        > > saying ALA. I got your book and I was planning on starting it next week.
        > >
        > > Here is the problem. Last night my son came to me saying his tooth
        > > hurt. I looked in his mouth and found a cavity on one of his back
        > > teeth. I know I have to take him to a denist to fill it but what is OK
        > > to put in his mouth to fill the cavity, how long before I can chelate
        > > after it has been filled and so on????
        > >
        > As long as you use a composite (resin) filling, not amalgam (mercury),
        > you can start chelating immediately.
        > Michael
        > > Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
        > >
        > > Mari
        > >
        > >
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