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Re: Best tests for chelation results?

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  • andrewhallcutler
    ... it gets ... tested urine ... We did ... although it ... as white ... chelating ... That is because there is no legitimate information on this. The only
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      --- In Autism-Mercury@y..., "Barb Romkema" <jromkema@f...> wrote:
      > We test about every three months. That seems like a long time, but
      it gets
      > pricey even at that schedule because of all the supplements. We
      tested urine
      > during the DMSA phase, then after we added the ALA we tested feces.
      We did
      > try hair the last time but I didn't feel that was satisfactory,
      although it
      > was interesting to compare to his first hair analysis.
      > We also test a number of other things that Dr. Amy recommends, such
      as white
      > cell count, liver function etc. It's a good way to make sure the
      > isn't depleting his body too much.
      > Barb
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      > Date: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 8:33 PM
      > Subject: [Autism-Mercury] Best tests for chelation results?
      > >Hello everyone. I have been reading and searching here for awhile,
      > >trying to prepare for a trial of chelation very soon. We will be
      > >doing this without a doctor. I am finally feeling more confident
      > >about the actual process of chelation (I will be using DMSA and ALA
      > >with Andy's schedule), but I am having trouble finding information
      > >about testing to see the results of chelation.

      That is because there is no legitimate information on this. The only
      real test is your subjective impression of progress. No laboratory
      test is available to measure the relevant parameter
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