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Re: What about fecal testing?

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  • AndyCutler@aol.com
    ... fecal ... No. You care if the kid s brain is toxic, not if the $#(+ is toxic. ... taken - ... alone ... don t see ... feces. We ... If you are doing the
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 2, 2001
      --- In Autism-Mercury@y..., Jonathan E Fuller <fullerid@j...> wrote:
      > 2 questions:
      > 1. At what point after you add ALA should you consider doing a
      > metals test to see if the mercury is coming out?

      No. You care if the kid's brain is toxic, not if the $#(+ is toxic.

      > 2. When deciding on the test, at what point should the test be
      taken -
      > during the round or the day after the round was completed?
      > We have not seen any improvement behaviorally or otherwise during
      > chelation (since May 1). We didn't see mercury excreted on DMSA
      > (only did one test) after 6 mos. and then added ALA. We still
      don't see
      > any improvement, but are curious as to what's coming out in
      feces. We
      > are considering stopping chelation or have we not hung in there long
      > enough? Any and all comments/suggestions welcome.

      If you are doing the every 3 hour protocol I would suggest stopping
      and going back to proper diagnostic testing to figure out what is
      going on - chelation should do SOMETHING if it is mercury, lead or
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