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Re: Andy: What to do After DMPS Injection

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  • AndyCutler@aol.com
    ... One can never be sure. Adverse reaction to the DMPS injection does seem to be a likely candidate. ... #1, don t do any more inappropriate or harmful
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 28, 2001
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      > > My sister has MS and walks very slowly with a walker. Contrary to
      > my
      > > warning, she went ahead and had a DMPS injection as part of a
      > > challenge test, several months after amalgam removal. On the way
      > > home from the doctor she developed numbness and stiffness in her
      > feet
      > > and legs. It has been more than a month since the injection and
      > she
      > > still feels numbness although there may be a slight improvement,
      > but
      > > she is not sure.
      > >
      > > What is causing these reactions?

      One can never be sure. Adverse reaction to the DMPS injection does
      seem to be a likely candidate.
      > >
      > > What can she do to help herself?

      #1, don't do any more inappropriate or harmful chelation protocols, no
      matter what some MD says.

      #2, take the standard supplements recommended on this list (and in my
      book) at the suggested dosages and frequencies.

      #3, chelate PROPERLY and it will reduce the problem if it is indeed
      due to mercury redistribution.
      > >
      > > What are her chances of recovering from the effects of the
      > injection?

      Reasonably good if she doesn't keep doing DMPS injections.
      > >
      > > I am familiar with your supplementation/chelation protocol, which
      > > am using on my autistic child. Should I recommend the same
      > > supplements to her?

      Yes. Plus a few more like DHEA that aren't appropriate for children.
      > >
      > > If so, should zinc be taken as well, or is a test required?

      Zinc should always be taken.
      > >
      > > We live far apart and I want to help her find a good doctor who
      > would
      > > be willing to go with your recommendations. What's the best way
      > > do that?

      Convince her to take charge of her health rather than relying on a doc
      to make decisions for her.

      >I could post a request for a referral here. (She lives
      > in
      > > Hunterdon county, New Jersey.)
      > >
      > > Please let me know what else I can do and where else I can do
      > > research on helping her. (I looked at the dmpsbackfire website
      > > it did not give info on what to do after the fact.)

      It depends a lot on what the problem is. Several of the people on
      that site did talk to me and try things that helped a lot - one of
      them being continue to chelate but do it properly. Another being eat
      lots of supplements for liver health and blood sugar regulation.

      > >
      > > We much appreciate your help.
      > >
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