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Re: Andy: A Year's worth of Hg--comments?!

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  • AndyCutler@aol.com
    My first impulse when you ask can you tell me... was to say no and leave it at that. Instead I ll explain a bit. If I was motivated, I could ask a few
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      My first impulse when you ask "can you tell me..." was to say "no" and
      leave it at that. Instead I'll explain a bit.

      If I was motivated, I could ask a few questions about dosing and
      timing of tests and integrate the approximate amount of mercury out.
      I don't think it would mean much if I did - and that isn't only
      because of uncertainty in the integration.

      You don't know he got 237.5 mcg. For all we know the "hnot lots" have
      a ton of thimerosal in them, and that is why they are a problem.

      Unlike normal engineering documents where something is measured, the
      spec for thimerosal in the vaccines never has a tolerance. It does
      not appear to be added in a controlled manner. I bet there is
      substantial variation. If it was controlled, it would be specified
      with a tolerance, e. g. 50 +-5 mcg.

      You also don't khow if that is his only source.

      You also don't know the relationship of brain and body burden.

      I also don't know how much longer you have to keep going. I suspect
      it is a long time - for children (who are metabolically tougher than
      adults) to get so impaired as to be autistic, they are equivalent to
      the most toxic adults who usually do take years of detox to really get

      So, he is a lot better, and you know what to do to keep improvements
      coming. All you and I don't know is how much longer it will keep
      working - the easy way to find out is just keep chelating.

      I realize people would like certainty in their lives (MD medicine
      basically survives in the areas where it is dysfunctional, like
      autism, by offering a feeling of certainty that you did all you could)
      but I can't provide it here.


      --- In Autism-Mercury@y..., syklone5@j... wrote:
      > Andy,
      > We began chelating our son in Sept. 2000, at the age of 4 3/4
      > yrs. He had already been on clo-Bethanechol since 2 3/4, and many
      > nutritional supplements. Assuming he got 237.5 mcg of Hg via
      > vaccines, can you give me your best guess as to how far we are
      > along?
      > Here's the DDI results for Hg alone, taken every other week:
      > DMSA alone (Sept 00 -Jan. 01) 1.7,15,2.6,.4,.9,dl (7-7 cycle)
      > DMSA-ALA (Feb. 01-Oct. 01)
      > 1.6, dl, .5, 3.6, dl, .7, dl,
      > (switched to 3-4 cycle) .7, .8, 1.7, 5.4
      > ((when dl appears, it represents a break in detecting mercury
      > sometimes of a week or a month; commas denote sequential dumps. All
      > results are froom DDI toxic metal urine screens.))
      > The most recent dump has spurred meaningful vocalizations ("ba" for
      > banana)and mischief and innovation that are brand new and seemingly
      > quite normal. Big jump in ability to sort and match and understand
      > receptively. Language still seems far off. But eyes are very
      > bright, and speak volumes. Emotions seem quite typical of a child
      > their "terrible 2's."
      > Thickened patch of skin on right thigh (local necrosis we think),
      > present since second year, has diminished over course of treatment
      > and is now nearly gone.
      > Big dumps are almost always accompanied by a "mercury rash" and
      > mercury never shows up without cadmium. Aluminum only shows up,
      > it does, with mercury, and we have had "elevated" single spikes of
      > tin, arsenic, and lead. Nickel has been a constant at or close to
      > the reference range level throughout the year.
      > Looking over a year's results, I am amazed my son survived the
      > catastrophic effects of this poisoning.
      > I would love any comments on how much farther you think we may have
      > to continue chelation, how much mercury you think we may have dumped
      > so far, and long-term impact of this much metal. Is the load of
      > metal in the body and brain likely to be the same?
      > I am most grateful for any insights you can offer me specifically on
      > mercury and my son's "case history"...
      > Many thanks for any help, and your availability to thi
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