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Re: Does wheatgrass juice have mercury chelating properties?

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  • AndyCutler@aol.com
    No. Andy
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 5, 2001

    • Moria Merriweather
      Hi Lance, You re welcome. I think your thinking about wheatgress makes sense. It is a very detoxifying food (one of the reasons people like it). Maybe it
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 7, 2001
        Hi Lance,

        You're welcome.
        I think your thinking about wheatgress makes sense. It is a very
        detoxifying food (one of the reasons people like it). Maybe it
        helps detox mercury some way that is not "chelation". I don't
        understand what that would mean, I'm just chatting. As I said
        before, people do (I think) also have lots of detox reactions
        that are from unspecified causes--- not necessarily mercury.
        (For example, I went to the Optimum Health Inst in April 2000,
        and they talk about a variety of mild symptoms people may have
        on their program, which is very detoxifying. It is all raw,
        including 3 days of juice only; plus 4 oz a day of wheatgrass,
        lots of probiotic drink [rejuvelac, made from sprouted fermented
        wheat or other grains], wheatgrass juice colon implants, etc.
        They said that people sometimes get rashes.....) Which, IMO,
        might be merc or might be "anything". Who knows who.

        Anyway, I think your observations of what seems "too much" wheatgrass
        juice are the best way to go, in any case. Observing and adjusting
        is always a good idea, in my book. Also interesting that you noticed
        the timing relative to getting teeth cleaned.

        If you happen to come across the
        lipoic acid/spinach info, please let me know. I'd be very interested.
        (e.g. book title and author, and what it says)

        Sorry if I was going the wrong direction with my last note-- actually
        I think your prior note DID seem like your question was about
        understand your reactions to wheatgrass rather than evaluating it
        relative to other options for chelation. As I mentioned, I take
        barleygrass juice powder--- quite a lot really---2 to 4 TABLEspoons
        a day (at one time I took more like 4 to 6 tablespoons a day).
        I'm sure it is not as good as fresh, but still think it is
        very good--- mostly because I find it satisfying in an immediate
        sort of way.


        > Thanks Moria for your response. I see how much work you are contributing
        towards this group and am simply amazed. Your help is sincerely
        appreciated. Maybe when I get my energy up and am finally cured of this
        amalgam illness, I will be able to offer help to others like you do.
        >The reason why I am asking about the wheatgrass is because although I have
        been taking it daily for about three months and felt that it was helping me
        somewhat, during this period I did experience two negative episodes of
        worsened health. About six weeks ago I experienced extreme fatigue which
        lasted for about two weeks, and more recently after upping my wheatgrass
        dosage to 3 oz daily, a return of my headache, fatigue and tinnitus. This
        latest episode occured soon after my teeth cleaning in which the hygienist
        mistakenly polished my two silver fillings even though I asked her not to
        :( In addition, I did notice that my skin gets deep acne when taking too
        much wheatgrass. I also noticed a rash that I get after taking a shower but
        I am not sure if it is caused by the other vitamins/supplements that I am
        >I am trying to follow Andy's text regarding supplementation before amalgam
        removal. I thought the wheatgrass would be a healthful addition to the
        various supplements, but now I have changed my mind. I don't want to spread
        untrue information, but I suspect that wheatgrass has lipoic acid in it or
        something similar. What you have told me that wheatgrass may be able to
        move mercury strengthens my feelings. I read somewhere that lipoic acid is
        present in spinach (in addition to animal sources) so the possibility of
        being in wheatgrassis is not totally unreasonable. In any case, I will
        treat the wheatgrass as if it contains lipoic acid and so will discontinue
        its use for now, since it is not the appropriate time. Maybe when I am
        chelating with lipoic acid three months later, I may include small amounts
        of the wheatgrass.
        >Just to let you know, I was not considering wheatgrass in place of other
        standardized chelating compounds. Andy's text, although not the easiest to
        read, has impressed me as being extremely logical and comprehensive, and so
        I intend to follow his advice as much as I can.
        >Thank you again for you help.
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