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Re: testing for cooper levels

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  • AndyCutler@aol.com
    ... cysteine ... No, this is a rather twisted misunderstanding of something I have been saying for a long time (and most doc s have been ignoring). It is
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 29, 2001
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      --- In Autism-Mercury@y..., Ping Li <Li_Ping@c...> wrote:
      > Dear Andy,
      > I was told that it will be dangerous to do chelation if the kid's
      > is high. Is it right?

      No, this is a rather twisted misunderstanding of something I have been
      saying for a long time (and most doc's have been ignoring).

      It is harmful to feed him things like NAC or eggs if it is high, but
      these are not chelating agents.

      >I didn't test my son. I would like to ask what
      > of test I should do before I do oral DMPS or ALA?

      The test for this is PLASMA CYSTEINE through Great Smokies
      laboratories. It isn't relevant to DMPS. ALA increases it a bit so
      people who are high have more side effects.

      You may modify his diet depending on the results, but it doesn't
      affect how you chelate.

      >I have done stool
      > hair two weeks ago, I am waiting for the results. I really concern
      > the yeast and now cysteine becomes another issue for me. Should I
      test his
      > cysteine level before I do chelation?

      It isn't necessary for CHELATION, but knowing it may allow you to make
      him a lot more comfortable by appropriate diet modification.

      >If the cysteine level is high,
      what I
      > should do?
      > Thank you for any advice.
      > Ping
      > AndyCutler@a...
      > 26Sep2001 12:17 PM
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      > > P.S. Is there a simplified version of the sulfur
      > > problems (why the sulfur in epsom salt helps these
      > > kids) i.e. explanation somewhere that nonmedical types
      > > like me can decipher.
      > Sulfate is fully oxidized sulfur. The reduced forms are the
      > Once fully oxidized, it can't be reduced again by people's
      > >Also, if cysteine is below
      > > normal, then gluthanione should help?
      > Yes. And any other sources of sulfur (which are cheaper). They
      > help A LOT, too. E. g. eggs, dairy, cabbage, cauliflower, NAC, etc.
      > >It seems like
      > > they all rely or depend on one another and I am not
      > > sure of the sequence that should be in place. Maybe I
      > > should have taken science or biology in college.
      > >
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