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Dallas area doctors

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    Tried to send this privately but it got bounced back. osmith@pdq.net wrotes: Our
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      Tried to send this privately but it got bounced back.

      osmith@... wrotes:

      << Gaylen, I am interested in Dallas drs or even Austin if you know of any. >>

      Our current doctor is Dr. Glenn Hansen (817) 283-0025. He's in Bedford,
      which is just northeast of Fort Worth. He is a former dentist who became
      mercury toxic, went back to school to get his D.O. and now most of his
      practice is metals toxic people. He works with adults too but he has alot of
      autistic patients. He's pretty progressive with his treatments but also very
      cautious with the kiddos, at least compared to the other metals docs we've
      seen. I can't say for sure, but I imagine he'd be willing to work with a
      local pediatrician or do alot of testing/consults over the phone. The only
      downside is he's only working part-time these days so you need to call on a
      Friday to talk directly with him and can only schedule visits on Fridays.
      Once you're a patient, if there is a problem, you can have him paged and he
      will respond by phone pretty quickly though.

      Dr. Charles Hamel (817) 468-7755 is in Arlington, between Dallas and Fort
      Worth and specializes in treating metabolic, digestive, allergy and immune
      problems in special needs kids especially ADHD. My sister takes her kids to
      him and her son is chelating mercury through him. She's been pretty happy
      with him.

      Dr. Gerald Ross of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas is very good
      except we had a huge problem getting his staff to follow through on things.
      I've heard complaints from other folks about this as well but it may be
      better now. We saw him several years ago and they were working on
      reorganizing things. He was also a bit too aggressive with his treatment
      according to our current doc but that could just be a difference of opinion.
      Sorry I don't have the phone number handy but I'm sure you could get it with
      information. The area code would be either 214 or 972.

      Dr. Constantine Kotsanis (817) 481-6342 is in Grapevine, also northeast of
      Fort Worth. His specialty is treating metabolic, digestive and allergy
      problems in autistic and ADHD kids. His knowledge of that area is very good
      except in recent years he's kind of gone off on some tangents and isn't
      paying as close of attention to his patients as we would have liked. He made
      some mistakes with Curtis and could not treat the metals at the time we left.
      He's now treating metals but I wouldn't recommend him for this.
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