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Re: Andy or anyone who has experience with Cadmium

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  • mercurybabies2
    While this may not be relevant, I do not have kidney problems. despite all the cadmium I had. What I did have was salt wasting which causes you to produce a
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      While this may not be relevant, I do not have kidney problems. despite all the cadmium I had. What I did have was salt wasting which causes you to produce a lot of urine.

      High urine volume is related to vasopressin levels or Adrenals can cause a lot of urination if you have salt wasting from low aldosterone levels. You should be albe to find information about this in Amalgam Illness.

      Using sea salt in drinking water and Adrenal support helps the low aldosterone problem.

      ALA is not going to address cadmium. You need DMSA to do that. AI does have information about removing cadmium and taking thiamine with the chelator doses to protect the kidneys.

      However, the urine volume issue is usually not a kidney disorder. There is also probably information on www.Onibasu.com about this.


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      > Melanie,
      > I am too wondering about cadmium and kidneys. My 5 year old son has been having issues with kidneys. We are still trying to see what exactly is going on. He usually has to go within 15 minutes of drinking and makes alot of urine volume wise. We are having a water deprivation test done on Monday next week to see if he is concentrating urine. Anyway, his hair test shows high on cadmium. I would like to start chelating with ALA due to low levels of neut abs but I thought I read somewhere in one of Dr. Cutler's books that if the ph of the urine is not right then this could cause further problems with kidneys. Does anyone remember coming across this info? My son also cannot use any calcium supplements.
      > Jetta
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      > > I like to measure the first urine of the day to get a feel for what has been in my kidneys all night.
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      > > > Have you measured his urine pH with test strips?
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      > > > > Is there anyone who has experience with Cadmium poisoning who I could send my sons hair analysis results to? Also we have a major problem with stress on the kidneys and acidic urine even when not doing chelation. I have tried to alkaline my son using sodium bicarbonate but he is 3 years old autistic and non verbal and refuses to drink anything with a salty taste. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I have tried potassium bicarbonate myself and it caused excruciating bladder pain (I have interstitial cystitis)so I am afraid to give it to my son. Calcium supplements of any kind are a no go for us as they create majorly negitive side effects - he gets immediate symptoms of hypercalcemia. We do 150 mg of magnesium citrate a day but anything above this causes migraines. As you can see I am at the end of my rope with the whole acidity issue. Any direction would be so appreciated.
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      > > > > Melanie
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