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AspenTimes - (Liz Birt) Accident victim was an advocate for autistic

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    I sent this letter to the journalist at the Aspen Times who wrote the attached piece that was posted on the ABMD list. I would encourage others to contact him
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      I sent this letter to the journalist at the Aspen Times who wrote
      the attached piece that was posted on the ABMD list. I would
      encourage others to contact him to express their sentiments.

      <<I thank you for your reporting, albeit with regard to the sad and
      tragic passing of Liz Birt. I noted that you indicated that you had
      received correspondence from people around the country and I thought
      that I would add the New York metropolitan area to the list;
      although it is likely that someone else already has done so. We
      live in New Rochelle, New York, and I would tell you that there are
      people in every local around the world who, like us, mourn her
      death. Liz was the model of a fighting mother, who dealt with
      adversity no one should have to face, but persevered and deserves
      absolute respect as a person who stands up for what she researches
      diligently and determines to be the truth. To a greater extent than
      many of us who have children injured by unfortunate governmental and
      professional policies who have been left abandoned by calculated and
      uncompromising denial, she actually proved that people could and I
      suspect ultimately will be held accountable.

      Although I understand that a journalist such as yourself must focus
      on what your research can uncover and not the expression of
      individuals alone, I would offer to you this lead. What Liz
      believed and worked tirelessly toward proving is much more than a
      theory, it is actually an unraveling reality that is under
      incredible pressure to be denied or covered up. This may appear to
      work for awhile, but if you research this as you might an investment
      or perhaps to make a wager, I think that you would be well advised
      to look beyond the institute of medicine and see what has been
      occurring on the grass roots level that Liz was a part of. David
      Kirby's book which you cited in your article is the paramount
      articulation of the struggle to achieve proper recognition and
      treatment for so many children most of whose parents are not even
      aware of what happened. There is however a large number of people,
      which are only a small percent of the affected population who will
      never rest until the truth, is acknowledged. You also mentioned
      Safeminds and I hope that you have visited their website. Most of
      us who cannot devote more time to the cause because the care of our
      own children and need to earn an income are primary, can only direct
      others to the growing body of information that is out there, but Liz
      certainly went the full distance that inspires us all.

      So, as I am sure she would have, I invite you to enter the fray with
      an open mind! If you go to a school in Aspen or any neighboring
      town you will find children diagnosed with autistic spectrum
      disorders and special education teachers trying their best to
      provide appropriate education to a growing group that until recently
      was completely unknown. Even the National Institute of Mental
      health has only this past month acknowledged that this is indeed an
      epidemic and therefore not possibly attributable to genetics alone.
      I am sure that you have been inundated with details by other people
      who are aware of more than I am, but I would tell you that you have
      only encountered the tip of an iceberg and if you choose to look
      there is a story that needs to be revealed if not for the injured,
      then for the unsuspecting public in general who are still being
      coerced by the powers that be to get mercury containing flu and
      tetanus shots for pregnant woman infants and children. This is not
      to mention the rest of the aging population who may be at risk for
      Parkinson's disease and dementia?s, but are still directed to get
      mercury containing shots annually.

      Again I thank you for your reporting, and mourn the passing of a
      great person in Liz Birt.

      Joe Marciano

      (I have also posted my letter to you on the Autism Mercury website
      for others to read)>>

      Re: ABMD post that I did not see on this list.

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      Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 15:05:31 +0000
      From: Sheri Nakken <snakken@...>
      Subject: AspenTimes - (Liz Birt) Accident victim was an advocate for

      Also prayers and concern for Michael Felt, also injured, evidently
      fiance's son.
      Love and condolences for Steven Felt, her fiance, also. I can't
      the pain he is feeling. So tragic.


      Accident victim was an advocate for autistic kids

      By John Colson
      December 30, 2005

      Elizabeth Birt, who died in a two-car collision near Aspen on
      "was not just another tourist" but a nationally known advocate for
      children, according to letters to The Aspen Times.

      Birt, 49 - a Chicago-area attorney with three children, one of whom
      autistic - had been cited in congressional reports on autism and in
      a book
      on the subject, her associates say.

      A resident of Wilmette, Ill., she was in Aspen visiting friends this
      The 2006 Ford Taurus she was in - which her fiance, Steven Felt, 52,
      of Wilmette, was driving - allegedly ran a red turn-light at Brush
      Road and Highway 82, into the path of an oncoming truck.

      The Colorado State Patrol does not believe either alcohol or speeding
      played a role in the accident.

      The occupants of the truck, Mary and Blake Williams of Snowmass
      both 31, suffered minor injuries in the collision and drove
      themselves to
      Aspen Valley Hospital later in the day.

      Badly injured in the wreck was the driver's son, Michael Felt, 13,
      who was
      sitting in the back seat of the Taurus. All three were taken to Aspen
      Valley Hospital, and Michael was transferred to Children's Hospital
      Denver, where he was in critical condition Thursday evening.

      Friends of Birt and the Felt family who contacted The Aspen Times
      about the
      accident said the impact of the truck crushed Michael's chest. He
      suffered a broken thigh, friends said, and there are concerns about
      possible brain damage.

      Several e-mails from associates of Birt referred to her work in the
      of autism.

      According to the letters, which have come from various parts of the
      country, Birt was a founder of two national organizations dealing
      autism - Medical Interventions for Autism, a nonprofit investigating
      links between inflammatory bowel disease, immune system disorders,
      from vaccines and autism; and an advocacy group called SafeMinds,
      for which
      she was general counsel.

      A book by David Kirby titled "Evidence of Harm," about the presence
      mercury in vaccines and its theoretical link to autism, profiled her
      and work, according to a letter from Kara Friedman of Chicago.

      "Liz is a hero in the autism community worldwide," said Becky
      secretary of the Maryland Autism Recovery Coalition. "She is greatly
      and she will be greatly missed."

      John Colson's e-mail address is jcolson@...
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