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Re: How Would you like a THUNDERCLAPPER?

I hope what I said was not offensive. I do know more than most people I know -- I've taken the time to read, read, read books by Native Americans themselves.
7:47 AM

On the state of Confidence

The state of vaccine confidence: Early results of a Vaccine Confidence Index http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/03/150325210821.htm
10:00 AM

Re: mercury-induced PTSD?

I am sure that mercury toxicity does not help PTSD at all....I would guess that it exacerbates it incredibly. I, too have PTSD....and mine came before I had
Mar 27

Re: How Would you like a THUNDERCLAPPER?

There is a whole lot we do know....start researching about Native Americans....written by Native Americans and see. I AM one.....I know!!!!
Mar 27

Re: mercury-induced PTSD?

Linda S S, a close friend has a decades-long history of PTSD. Based on stories of struggles in school, I suspect it existed to some extent since childhood.
Mar 26

Re: How Would you like a THUNDERCLAPPER?

It is quite interesting as that is the way they were able to track the way they went. No wonder the accounts of them show them to be much less than
Mar 26

Re: How Would you like a THUNDERCLAPPER?

Interesting.  There's another link a commenter posted that takes the position that Lewis might have had syphilis.  I don't know if I buy the "friendly
Mar 26

mercury-induced PTSD?

Anyone else have or suspect they have mercury-induced PTSD, even years after having mercury amalgam dental fillings replaced with composite according to proper
Linda Shepard Salzer
Mar 26
Aika Miura
Mar 26

How Would you like a THUNDERCLAPPER?

Stay away from the THUNDERCLAPPERS - Hey I have been reading about Lewis and Clark. Did you know they took pills that were 60% mercury with them to treat
Robert Meyer
Mar 25

Autism Nutritional Support

Over 90% of individuals on the autism spectrum benefit from nutritional support and can make a huge difference in level of functioning, verbalization,
Mar 25

LLMD in Houston

If anyone knows a LLMD in Houston or in Southwest Texas please send me a personal message. My friend's daughter just received a positive test and they need to
Mason Kuhn
Mar 24

Big Supplement Discounts

Overstock Sale on High Quality Supplements. If you use these supplements, stock up while supplies last. L-Carnitine
Lori Knowles
Mar 24

Re: A good brand for iodine

We use nascent iodine but we make sure to get the alcohol based one so that it will be fresh and active. For us, we use Magnascent. it has made a lot of
Mar 24

Rope Worms: C’est la Merde

Please read, try to understand http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/rope-worms-cest-la-merde/
M. W.
Mar 24
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