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Re: A Big Slap Haven when did you start AC chelation? Is seems like you started it later and still got good results? THis is quite encouraging. I have been on this board a
Stephanie Kodeck
8:36 AM
Re: Need encouragement to continue chelation Thank you, Laura! I hadn't really thought about lead in years, and obviously need to do so. I used DMSA in the early years of chelation and still have some
Karen Falconer Al-Hindi
6:40 AM
Re: OT: savings bonds special needs kid? cash / transfer / ... You might consider setting up a special needs trust. Linda S S
Linda Shepard Salzer
4:48 AM
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RSHO Has anyone tried Real Scientific Hemp Oil (high CBD Hemp Oil)? It is legal in all fifty states. I tried it on my daughter, she's 25 years old, she had Mercury,
3:25 PM
Re: Need encouragement to continue chelation Hi Karen, Another possibility just occurred to me about your son's chelation and possible additional strategies to perhaps pursue the relevance of as you
12:49 PM
Quote -- Truth will set you FREE Congressman Posey: ...................... You know, as I see it the CDC view seems to have been as long as Thorson was cooking the books to produce the results
Robert Meyer
9:15 AM
Re: A Big Slap == reply in history below ... When the cause of autism is not in the levels of mercury, == Levels of mercury where--brain, liver, hair, a hormone receptor that
Apr 17
Re: Need encouragement to continue chelation Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate LindaJayTee's perspective on our children becoming adults. That's a great reminder for me that the time
Karen Falconer Al-Hindi
Apr 17
Re: Need encouragement to continue chelation A big "thank you!" to those who responded to my post! I do feel encouraged and will seek more information from each of the links Laura included in her message.
Karen Falconer Al-Hindi
Apr 17
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Apr 17
Re: A Big Slap Andy, Wonderful post and thank you for it. Varun is wasting his time here. The proof is in the pudding for us. Although I would be lying if I said I didn't
shygirl75158 .
Apr 17
Re: A Big Slap I don't understand why the moderator has failed to delete the post below and throw the poster off for such overt trolling. However since Dana doesn't seem to
Apr 17
Re: A Big Slap VG is promoting himself. Looking to suck parents in to send him some money. We get those from time to time in this group. Linda
Apr 17
Re: A Big Slap So what drug company does this VG work for?!! Mary
Apr 17
Re: A Big Slap When the cause of autism is not in the levels of mercury, you can't look for cure there. Though I know people won't accept, as they get their "a bit of"
Varun Gupta
Apr 16
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Re: Need encouragement to continue chelation Yes, I think that continuing with chelation is a good idea. If you could only see the problems that adults are reporting in the adult groups. By chelating the
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap We gave Tylenol with several series of shots as well, so I have long since wondered about that connection. Interesting. But, after 104 rounds of AC, my kiddo
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap You can't argue with results! My 4 yr olds glutathione levels were non existent! Sent from my iPad ... You can't argue with results! My 4 yr olds glutathione
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap Me too Tammy! Was told to give Tylenol after all shots. You go Joe! My son had almost no mercury show in hair from first baby hair cut test post regression.
shygirl75158 .
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap Sadly my spectrum 14.4 at every shot, give him some Tylenol. He had chronic ear infections, Tylenol was my friend back then. Makes me so sad and sick even
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap Chelation can't cure, though may provide a bit of results, but with side-effects. Prolonged use, as metals keep coming out for yet unknown but surely some
Varun Gupta
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap Varun apparently did not even read the article he linked to! "Acetaminophen decreases GSH [glutathione] levels, principally in the liver and kidneys, but also
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap Go Joe!! Sent from my iPad
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap People deserve a slap to wake out of stupor for believing such half-witted conclusions! Tylenol (acetaminophen) is well known to deplete liver glutathione
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap Yep, my kids evidence of that.Check hair test 735 at livingnetworks.co/za. When we first started chelation she had no mercury excretion and didn't meet
Apr 16
Re: A Big Slap Oh good grief! More often than not, high levels of mercury DO NOT show in children who have been poisoned with this heavy metal because they are non-excreters
shygirl75158 .
Apr 16
A Big Slap Why mercury concentrations are high in hair tissues of kids having autism... It doesn't mean higher concentration of mercury in them, or it being the reason or
Varun Gupta
Apr 16
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Re: Need encouragement to continue chelation I agree aobut continuing. You said he had some signs of adrenal fatigue but did not mention if he were taking ACE. ACE helped my son tremendously in many
shygirl75158 .
Apr 16
Re: A Bad Event about the Mercury Thermometer There wouldn't likely be more toxicity from it than from other sources of mercury like vaccines. At this point I while hard, it doesn't do much good to worry
Apr 16
Re: OT: savings bonds special needs kid? cash / transfer / ... Depending on their worth they may not be a problem if they are under a certain $ amount. Check the government website to see how much one is allowed to have
Apr 16
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