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  • > Now I have a distinctly negative impression of the whole secret- handshake > KWCS club, and have no need to inquire further. I would really hate to be a > newbie to that particular clique, and will stick to the "there are no stupid > questions" groups. > > -Saerlaith ingen Ruadan Replied to privately. Despina
    aheilvei Sep 30, 2004
  • > >Known World Costume Symposium. It has been spoken of on this list > >(and a variety of others) for several weeks now by that acronym. > > Right, which is why I didn't know what it was, all I saw was the acronym! > Thanks for the definition, now it makes sense. > > There is a function on the yahoogroups that is called Search. Had you plugged in KWCS, you would have come up with...
    aheilvei Sep 29, 2004
  • --- In Authentic_SCA@^$1, twinkie wrote: > Lu-cy, I'm Home! > And it's about time! Bogdan and I were about to send a posse out looking for you! Glad you're home safe. It was wonderful to see you again. Smiles, Despina
    aheilvei Sep 29, 2004
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  • --- In Authentic_SCA@^$1, Willow Polson wrote: > I'm sorry... I missed the meaning of the acronym. What's KWCS? > > Known World Costume Symposium. It has been spoken of on this list (and a variety of others) for several weeks now by that acronym. Despina
    aheilvei Sep 29, 2004
  • I've used patterns from this company and find the instructions easy to follow and the historical notes very good and well researched. The owner of the company was a presenter at KWCS last weekend on the topics of Polish and Irish Clothing. It's nice to see a pattern company looking beyond England. - Despina ------------------------------------------ We have confirmation on the...
    aheilvei Sep 28, 2004
  • > If we were to be completely period, we'd be using leaves and sticks (or, luxuriously, sponges or rags on sticks). Hence the old expression "to get hold of the /wrong end of the stick/" or so I was informed by one of those pop-etymology books. > > Thanks, I now think I know how that person who works down the hall from me got that stick up there... they really ought to see a...
    aheilvei Sep 23, 2004
  • From another list I'm on...... Despina At least part of the Victoria and Albert Museum's images are up now... Victoria and Albert Museum Access to Images http://images.vam.ac.uk/ 16,000 works and 20,000 images I think it works better if you know the collection and can work the search into known items. Searching for Mary Queen of Scots turns up the needlework pieces faster than...
    aheilvei Sep 23, 2004
  • That sounded like a ringing endorsement to me. I've found that fabric screams horribly when it's made into something it doesn't want to be... it's even uncooperative! ;) Despina
    aheilvei Sep 23, 2004
  • > And I am so, so tired of people going on about how linen is "too expensive," but they're willing to pay for good cotton and synthetics, which are just as expensive if not moreso than linen purchased at a reasonable price. I begin to wonder if any of them have ever *looked* for linen somewhere other than a big chain fabric store. > GO to the files section, the the folder named...
    aheilvei Sep 23, 2004
  • One revwar reenactor said he went to SCA event and asked a few historical questions to the woman who was reenacting Queen Elizabeth. He was embarrased to say the woman did not even know rudimentary Elizabethan history. That's really terrible! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Then your friend wasn't at an SCA event. No one portrays QEI in the SCA, it's forbidden to 'play' someone...
    aheilvei Sep 22, 2004