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A Worthy Project

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  • Jeanne Harney
    off another list, but it seemed like everyone here would be interested... Jeanne In a message dated 07/01/2001 7:19:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ... Barony ...
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      off another list, but it seemed like everyone here would be interested...

      In a message dated 07/01/2001 7:19:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      rowanwald@... writes:

      > There was an old baroness,
      > Who lived in a shoe....
      > Well, it's not quite true, but close enough for our purposes. The
      > of Marinus needs a pavilion to shade our people and to be a place of
      > hospitality and camaraderie. We also need to slake our thirst for
      > which we do by lending aid to the printing of the Kingdom's A&S
      > the Oak. So keeping these two desires in mind -
      > We bought a book. An old, old book.
      > How could buying a book, especially one printed in 1568, help us with
      > quest for fulfilment? Easy - we're going to raffle the book away and split
      > the proceeds between our need for food (for the mind) and shelter. So we
      > announcing the lottery of :
      > "Martyrologium", written approx. in the year 875 by Usuardus, a monk of
      > Germani de Pratis and purveyor of saintly artefacts for his King, Charles
      > the Bald; reprinted during the Great Religious Debate (in the year 1568)
      > Johann Molanus, a theological professor at Louvain. The work was "the most
      > famous document of it's time" according to the Catholic Encyclopaedia and
      > still a referenced authority on it's subject.
      > Our copy is documented in the Cockx-Indestege and the Adams listings,
      > is in excellent condition, although it is now missing it's cover. The
      > of the pages are in red and none are missing or defaced. Although it is
      > written in Latin, the entries are well organised and this non-Latin reader
      > could puzzle out enough to find the entry for her patron saint and which
      > feast days occurred on her birthday. I also liked the scattering of
      > in the text.
      > If you'd like a chance to own a book printed in 1568, or to gift it to
      > loved one or academic institution with such a treasure of the past, here
      > your opportunity. Chances will be sold at a dollar (US) each. The actual
      > lottery will take place at Pennsic. Tickets will be sold in advance,
      > starting now, by mail or in person, and will continue to be sold until the
      > actual drawing. Information about where they will be available during
      > Pennsic will be posted after landgrab. If you are not attending the event,
      > we can make delivery arrangements.
      > For more information, please contact Baroness Rosine of Rowanwald at
      > Rowanwald@...., or by writing to Terri Morgan, 905 Spring Garden
      > Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.
      > Please help us with this worthy cause. This book should go to someone who
      > will enjoy having a piece of our time period in their hand.
      > In service,
      > Rosine of Rowanwald*
      > Nobility depends not on parentage or place of birth,
      > but on breadth of compassion and depth of loving-kindness.
      > If we would be noble, let us be great-hearted.
      > rowanwald@...
      > * I give permission, request, pray that this message will be forwarded to
      > such lists as would have interested readers.
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