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I'm gonna tattle...

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  • Eanswyth
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2001
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      <warning: I'm in a goofy mood today>

      I'm sure we can all agree that the sense of humor on this list can be
      a little... um... unusual at times. Well, Aoda is messing with the
      minds of some nice, quite cat owners on another board. The discussion
      turned to going barefoot, and Aoda's train of thought went to Prince
      Charles in a Speedo. One woman was desperately hoping that "Speedo"
      was some type of shoe in another part of the world because she didn't
      like the other visual. Neither did I, lady, neither did I.

      Bad Aoda, no cookie! <snicker>

      Eanswyth the Spy
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