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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Religion

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  • Justin Eiler
    On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 07:28:29 -0800 (PST) L Joseph ... If I were Baptist, I d be saying Amen. As it is, I have to agree, even as someone
    Message 1 of 62 , Feb 21, 2001
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      On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 07:28:29 -0800 (PST) L Joseph <wodeford@...>
      > It has been my experience the folks who are most
      > belligerent about religion in the SCA tend to be the
      > pagans, like the ones who were objecting to the
      > reproduction coin design used on last year's Pennsic
      > medallion because said design had a cross on it. You
      > want tolerance, be tolerant yourselves!

      If I were Baptist, I'd be saying "Amen." As it is, I have to agree, even
      as someone who is both in the SCA and a Pagan -- I've seen more than a
      few "SCAdia-Pagans" that just absolutely make my teeth hurt.

      Oddly enough, this topic has also come up on one of the Wiccan mailing
      lists that I'm on -- with the general agreement that the SCA is fine, and
      Neo-Paganism is fine -- the problem occurs when someone tries to blend
      the two areas together. And it's mostly from the crowd that's absolutely
      convinced that Wicca goes "in an unbroken line back to the Stone-Age," or
      the Anglo-Normans, or what have you.

      I try to be tolerant ov eeryone's ideas and ideals -- but I'll also
      readily admit that seeing pentacle necklasses at events absolutely makes
      me cringe.

      > (Especially
      > the ones who started wearing pentagrams and invoking
      > the Goddess primarily to freak out their parents.)

      <rolls eyes> Especially them!

      Justin W. Eiler -- "Veritas Versus Mundi"
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    • stephen higa
      ... no, really?? Okay, I m going to try it at the next event. Of course, I ll have to wake up at dawn, but there you go. I don t have a Muslim persona, but no
      Message 62 of 62 , Mar 7, 2001
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        > It was indeed magical...well, up until a boot came flying out the tent of
        > someone with a hangover and hit the caller!
        > Allaaaaahu akb- ow! :o)

        no, really??

        Okay, I'm going to try it at the next event. Of course, I'll have to wake
        up at dawn, but there you go.

        I don't have a Muslim persona, but no one will know who it is, they'll just
        hear it ringing out. I hope to create "magic moments" for people by doing
        that, especially the Muslim personae who just might follow the summons and
        kneel to face Mecca in prayer.

        Qu'er non es grazitz lunhs mestiers
        menhs en cort que de belh saber
        de trobar -- qu'auzir e vezer
        hi vol hom mais captenhs leugiers
        e critz mesclatz ab dezonor.

        --Guiraut Riquier, 1292
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