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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Pennsic A&S display

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  • Jeanne Harney
    ... From: Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil ... Ok...I ll do SOMETHING. Hopefully I won t embarrass myself too badly... Jeanne
    Message 1 of 59 , Jun 1, 2001
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      From: "Amy L. Hornburg Heilveil" <aheilvei@...>

      > > > Maybe the question should be how many of us will put our talents where
      > > our mouth is and put stuff in the Pennsic A&S display?
      > >I'm thinking about it, but is it a good place for a FIRST A&S entry? I
      > >really don't know the answer to that question.
      > Sure you do. The answer is yes! Make sure that you put out paper and
      > pencil for people to leave comments. It's a display, not a
      > competition. Where else do you have the opportunity to have comments from
      > 10,000 people who are also interested in your art or science?
      > Despina

      Ok...I'll do SOMETHING. Hopefully I won't embarrass myself too badly...

    • Laurie Hupman
      ... We ve asked people to bring copies of their documentation so that it s available to pass out. It doesn t have to be as detailed as docs for competition,
      Message 59 of 59 , Jun 1, 2001
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        --- "Liz (Giovanna)" <valkyr8@...> wrote:
        > What they have done is a Baronial Open House, Friday
        > evening of the
        > event. People donate snack food and drinks for the
        > main buffet but
        > we also have Showcases. At the Open House they
        > feature both B&V and
        > Food artisans. 4 tables are set up and each person
        > has 20 minutes to
        > distribute their food or beverage to the crowd.
        > It's kind of like
        > getting samples in the grocery store or wine shop.
        > Each showcaser is
        > required to have a sign showing what people are
        > trying that evening.
        > Docummentation is not required and feed back is
        > mostly word of mouth
        > during the tasting or afterwards.

        We've asked people to bring copies of their
        documentation so that it's available to pass out. It
        doesn't have to be as detailed as docs for
        competition, but the bare minimum we request is a list
        of ingredients. What we usually see is a copy of the
        recipe and basic process.

        > Two tables are open at a time, one with food, one
        > with beverage;
        > closing the other 2 allows the next showcasers to
        > set up their
        > stuff. I participated in the first 2 Showcases and
        > really loved it.
        > It's great because you can show off a dish that may
        > be too involved
        > to serve at a feast. Last year we had someone
        > distributing Haggis,
        > it was great!

        So how many do you usually showcase in an evening? I
        have to admit, the mental image I'm getting is
        starting to look like a food gauntlet <g>.

        > I love the idea of the food court as well. Hope you
        > don't mind if I
        > copy it.

        Please do. I'll probably borrow the food showcase, as


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