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RE: [Authentic_SCA] Winter and kilts

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  • Steven Gillan
    Marine, You are indeed pushing the great kilt timeline envelop a bit. Doesn t matter much however. It is an almost 17th century garment. (1585). You may
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 2, 2011
      Marine, You are indeed pushing the great kilt timeline envelop a bit. Doesn't matter much however. It is an almost 17th century garment. (1585). You may wear "truibhas"* of a solid colour or a different tartan under your great kilt. It is likely to be correct to a very early period with plaides, either gathered about you or pleated and belted. or you may wear hose to the top of your calf, heavy knitted ones. Or you may wear hose bias cut from either solid tartan or another "sett" all together. (these resemble the gaiters that squids wear occasionally. Except they have only one seam up the back.) You may wear other "upper hose" long johns pushed up and secured above your knees as far as you like as no one will see them. This arraignment will leave your knees exposed and that may be a difficulty. I know few Marines who have functional knees, the cold can't help much. *Tribuhas / Trews are very much like medieval joined hose. A very good pattern for them can be found in the "Medieval Tailors Assistant". While not exactly triubhas, I think they might serve your purpose. If you look at the pictures on my website www.maccolin.com, you will see an old greyhaired duffer wearing them with an occasional "shoulder plaide". If I can be of further service please let me know. Semper Fi.( disclaimer : While I myself am not now nor have I ever been a Marine, I have two Son in Laws who were. Army myself.)

      Yrs aye, Steven

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      On 11/2/2011 1:32 PM, mos6238 wrote:


      > As a noload (no longer on active duty) Marine, Toys for Tots has a

      > special place in my heart. A local group is hosting a Toys Tourney to

      > collect toys for the Marine Corps Reserve's program. My question I

      > have a great kilt in Leatherneck Tartan and would like to wear it to

      > the event, but winters in Michigan are cold. Is there any evidence

      > that pants or other leg coverings were worn in cold temps?


      I *think* so, but it's been a long time since I looked into it, and so

      am running heavily on the vague side. ;-) You could wear braes, but not

      with the kilt. Woolen stockings and garters would be fine with it. In

      any case, I think that this is one of those instances where it's much

      more important to honor those who serve and have served. Go for the

      great kilt look, and be proud.

      And thank you for your service to your American "cousins." :-)



      > Istvan Valkai

      > a 9thc Magyar wanting to honor my brothers and sisters



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