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RE: [Authentic_SCA] List Etiquette

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  • Scat@cfl.rr.com
    I see nothing wrong and everything right about interspersed replies. For a complex topic there is no more efficient and efficacious method of response. Top
    Message 1 of 39 , May 4, 2011
      I see nothing wrong and everything right about interspersed replies. For a
      complex topic there is no more efficient and efficacious method of
      response. Top posting makes the most sense if AND ONLY IF the respondent
      has trimmed the posts adequately. I am a nitpicker deluxe on grammar,
      punctuation, and word usage; however, I find that I make far too many errors
      in my own posting to have any grounds for criticizing anyone else's. Just
      think of how many emails refer to 'populous' meetings.

      Colm Dubh

      From: Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com]
      On Behalf Of Robert Van Rens
      Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 10:01 AM
      To: authentic_sca@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [Authentic_SCA] List Etiquette

      It's always nice if people sign emails; your email address is NOT your
      signature. Since this is an SCA list, it makes sense that people use an SCA
      name, since many of us are more likely to know them by that name.
      THAT SAID, the "posting ettiquette" rules on this list have been INSANLEY
      nit-picky and heavy-handed. Instead of allowing for clear, concise
      communication, the constant censuring of posters for "failing to top-post"
      or other infractions of imaginary "netiquette" rules comes across as petty,
      micro-managing, and frankly annoying.
      E-mail is NOT NOT NOT the same as written hard-copy communication. You may
      not like interspersed replies, but TOO BAD - on a complex topic, that is
      often the most effective way to address multiple points. You may not like
      "top posting", but if a post is edited carefully, it makes sure that the
      relevant point is made as effectively and succinctly as possible.
      Now, I am second to none in my rabid policing of grammar, spelling, and
      rules of composition. But in the past, the list-owners have spent so much
      time and energy making sure that anyone who violated their precious
      stylistic peccadilloes was publicly admonished, it tended to both derail
      discussion and scare away newcomers. While not a newcomer, I rarely post,
      because it's generally not worth the hassle. Any number of first-time
      posters have left after the first time because they were rightly offended by
      insistence that they do it the list-owners way, or not at all.
      Eadric the Potter

      Rob Van Rens


      To: Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com <mailto:Authentic_SCA%40yahoogroups.com>
      From: wodeford@... <mailto:wodeford%40yahoo.com>
      Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 22:32:44 +0000
      Subject: [Authentic_SCA] List Etiquette

      Please take a few moments to review our List Etiquette and expectations at


      As the person press ganged into becoming list-owner by the previous list
      owner, I and the rest of the moderators have been politely requesting
      compliance from our members for some time now. In the years since the group
      was formed, technology has changed to allow users to read and post email via
      smart-phone. Current traffic on the group is not particularly heavy.

      So, Members, what say you? Do you care? Do you want to know who you are
      reading/addressing or is a truncated e-mail ID or Yahoo screen name
      sufficient? Do you care if you read repeated messages, particularly in
      digest form? Are top-posted messages easier or harder for you to read?

      Your thoughts are appreciated.

      Saionji no Hana

      West Kingdom

      Authentic_SCA list owner

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    • George A. Trosper
      ... Why? George/Gerard Loch Salann, Artemisia
      Message 39 of 39 , May 6, 2011
        On 5/3/2011 7:28 PM, Giulia Isabella wrote:
        > I prefer top posting to bottom posting

        Loch Salann, Artemisia
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