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Re: [Authentic_SCA] List Etiquette

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    ... I STRONGLY believe that e-mail list members should sign their e-mail posts. It is just good etiquette. I like to know who the heck i m talking with . I
    Message 1 of 39 , May 4, 2011
      Saionji no Hana wrote:
      > Do you want to know who you are reading/addressing or is a truncated
      > e-mail ID or Yahoo screen name sufficient?

      I STRONGLY believe that e-mail list members should sign their e-mail posts.

      It is just good etiquette. I like to know who the heck i'm "talking with".

      I sincerely doubt many of us would phone hundreds of people we'd
      never met, leave them personal voice mail messages and not mention
      who we are.

      And as others have said, the letters (often not even words or names)
      in the "From" line do not necessarily tell us much. Some folks still
      have those that say things like "Ann13546778"... who's that in the
      SCA? On one of the lists i own, the partial name in the "From" line
      of one member is "face_from_the_past"... who's that?

      And, SRSLY, how difficult is it to sign e-mail? I usually use
      pre-created "sigs" and i have about a dozen for different situations.

      > Do you care if you read repeated messages, particularly in digest
      > form?

      I find there is rarely any reason to repeat an entire previous
      message. And in most e-mail setups, it only takes a few seconds to
      remove extraneous parts. Courtesy is supposed to be something we
      strive for in the SCA, and trimming posts is courteous to one's

      As i get the digest, repeated messages can be an excruciating waste
      of time and screen space. I appreciate it that our good moderators
      often spend their precious seconds saving us listees from what seem
      to me to be lazy posters.

      > Are top-posted messages easier or harder for you to read?

      I dislike top-posting, as the new message lacks all context,
      especially when a brief response is posted over a long message and
      somehow i am expected to figure out just to which part of the old
      message it refers.

      I prefer interleaving because it gives each part of a response its
      appropriate context (assuming that the reply is of more than one
      part), with the quoted passage first, followed by the response, as it
      would have been in a face-to-face conversation.

      Another reason i dislike top-posting is that so many people top-post
      without editing, and i have seen one sentence replies to a message
      top-posted on as many as 8 previous posts, many of which redundantly
      contain parts of each other. It's rarely worth it to me to waste my
      time trying to disentangle the mess.

      BTW, posting a link to a file in the Files section of any Yahoo list
      doesn't work well... The URL is dynamic and keeps changing. So... the
      da Rules and Regs mentioned by our fearless moderator are in a file
      "List Etiquette and Expectations"
      which can be found at:

      Someone sometimes called Urtatim
    • George A. Trosper
      ... Why? George/Gerard Loch Salann, Artemisia
      Message 39 of 39 , May 6, 2011
        On 5/3/2011 7:28 PM, Giulia Isabella wrote:
        > I prefer top posting to bottom posting

        Loch Salann, Artemisia
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