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Re: Persona Development at War of Trees

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  • Madeleine D
    Greetings, Tis a shame that you are losing someone to us,lol. I didn t do the challenge because I had my son there and you re very right, having all the
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      'Tis a shame that you are losing someone to us,lol. I didn't do the challenge because I had my son there and you're very right, having all the people wandering around and having to explain that no, we are not a Renn group that travels around(most asked question) and what was going on, because trying to get them to the person in charge was almost impossible without looking like I was being rude...

      Yours in Service,
      Lady Alice de Hayroun

      "Madame du Pont" <madamedupont@...> wrote:
      > Bonjour Mis Amies,
      > I conducted my second Persona Class/Challenge. No one came to the class. Well, actually one fella kinda did. He came over and I started talking about it, but he actually came to see how I made my banners. But he did leave with a Viking phrase sheet.
      > Even though no one came to the class, 4 participated in the Challenge for the day. The winner, hands down, was Robrecht de Greyt (who by the way has been in the USA only 6 years, from Flanders and speaks 5 languages). He immediately got into persona, "not understanding" words that were 'foreign' to him and speaking in 'broken English'. During the War, a Baroness from another Kingdom came to sit by us and he immediately saw she was unguarded and offered his services of protection and stood by her. Then he entertained her in song and found out she and another lady attending her spoke French, so they were chattering in French and the other lady broke out in a beautiful French song. It was wonderful to behold!!
      > I actually had trouble being in persona at this event. I have found it is much easier when you have a 'persona buddy'. But I was also extremely distracted by mundanes. The city where we were wouldn't let us be private...we won't be gong back there.
      > At court, when I presented him as the winner of the challenge, he accepted his An Tir sable lion silk banner and asked permission of the Prince and Princess and sing another French song (or could have been Greek). He looked very stately standing with his flag blowing in the breeze on the 12 ft flat pole singing to the populace.
      > On a sad note for me, he will be leaving our Shire of Tymberhavene and relocating to the Shire of Briaroak (Roseburg, OR) in a couple of weeks. I have so enjoyed his company the last year.
      > I took the opportunity in court to encourage Greeting one another in thy persona's tongue. Later a lady came up to me and wanted my Viking phrase list.
      > I shall continue to encourage an 'air' of thinking and acting in persona at events and see if it ever develops into something more.
      > I will be teaching a class at the Artisan Village at the West/An Tir War, July 1-5 ($20 includes shower truck Sat & Sun). The class will be on having a "Period Encampment" and will touch on how to be in persona and how that can make your camping experience more enjoyable once you get the hang of it.
      > Adieu,
      > Madame du Pont
      > Chateau du Merry Swan
      > Comte de Tymberhavene
      > Principante du Sommets
      > Royaume D'An Tir
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