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Announcement from the Chief Bard of the East

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  • L Joseph
    I am forwarding the attached message from Mistress Linette regarding the East Kingdom Bardic College. ... ===== I do but sing because I must, And pipe but as
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2001
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      I am forwarding the attached message from Mistress
      Linette regarding the East Kingdom Bardic College.

      --- C&HWood <linette@...> wrote:
      > To: EKBards@yahoogroups.com
      > From: C&HWood <linette@...>
      > Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 15:05:54 -0400
      > Reply-to: EKBards@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [EKBards] Trying this again.... was: Time
      > to get things rolling....
      > Greetings from Linette de Gallardon!
      > In the four months since I took on the office of
      > Chief Bard of the East
      > Kingdom College of Bards, I haven't done much of
      > anything. It's time to
      > change that.
      > I'd like to use this email list as a forum to
      > discuss what needs to be
      > happening in the Bardic College, and how to
      > implement any changes or events.
      > The first step towards that end would be getting
      > more than 16 gentles on
      > the e-list! I have a list of email addresses of
      > various EK performing arts
      > people that I would like to invite to join the list,
      > but I can't figure out
      > how to invite them from the Yahoo!groups website.
      > Is that a function
      > reserved for the moderator? If need be I can just
      > create a message from my
      > own email with instructions on how to join, but the
      > official way is simpler.
      > If any of you know any EK performers who either are
      > already in the Bardic
      > College, or would be interested in joining, please
      > invite them to join the
      > elist.
      > I'm also soliciting help from anyone interested in
      > the Bardic
      > College. Please contact me privately if you would
      > like to help with any of
      > the projects I'll be mentioning later in this email
      > or in other emails.
      > We discussed a website previously, and we need to
      > explore that more. I
      > definitely think we should have one, and that we
      > should see about utilizing
      > the EK server if possible. Ideally this website
      > would include a schedule
      > of events with College meetings or trials, the text
      > of the official
      > charter, standards for advancement, and links to
      > pages of interest to
      > bards. I would also really really like to start an
      > archive of music and
      > stories created or performed by EK bards.
      > I would also like to have a quarterly newsletter to
      > mail out to those who
      > are not on the Web. This would have many of the
      > same items as the Website,
      > updated quarterly. It's important that we don't
      > accidentally exclude those
      > who haven't acquired computers yet.
      > Other projects will depend largely on what the
      > College as a whole decides
      > they want to do, so I'll leave that for later. For
      > now, let's get some
      > more people linked into the list, and start some
      > discussions about what we
      > think a Bardic College should be doing!
      > Linette

      "I do but sing because I must, And pipe but as the linnets sing."
      Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "In Memoriam."

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