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Call-out for TEACHERS at Southern Shores Newcomer's Tourney!!! April 17th!!!

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  • Karen Tricomo
    MODERATOR NOTE: Please be sure to include the kingdom and modern location on all event announcements. (I happen to know this is a West Kingdom event. I believe
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      MODERATOR NOTE: Please be sure to include the kingdom and modern location on all event announcements. (I happen to know this is a West Kingdom event. I believe the site is in Cupertino, but cannot be certain.)

      Thank you, Jehanne de Wodeford, Pacific Time Zone Moderator.


      Greetings!!  Are you a fountain of knowledge just waiting to overflow?  Have you always known that you had a special angle on things that needs expressing?  Do you have a special skill or talent that Newcomers to the SCA would just DIE to learn??? Come on, YOU know who you are and have I got an opportunity for YOU??!!!

      The Province of the Southern Shores has scheduled our annual Newcomer's event and tourney on April 17th this year and I'm sending out my call-out to request teachers of ALL knids to come share their knowledge and experience with those who are just getting started!  BUT, it's not only a place for potential SCA folk to try us out and for up and coming teachers to spread their wings and offer up their knowledge and skills to future generations of SCA hopefuls...It's also a good chance to have a collegium-type atmosphere for those not-so-new folks that may want to take an interest, skill or topic to a new level. 

      We're looking for teachers to cover all of the basics like SCA 101, Pointy-Hat Recognition/Ettiquette, History 101 (any era), Fighting/Rapier, Needlework, Garb Technique/Resources, Camping Do's and Don'ts, Bardic, Dance, Heraldry (book, court and field), Herbalism/Medicine...In short ANYthing that helps to build or enrich a persona...
      AND we're looking for any kind of hands-on class like Bead/Glass/Jewelry Work, Cooking, Armoring/Chain mail construction, Dance (again), Instrumenal/Choral music, Weaving/Wool-working, pottery/utensils, etc...
      PLUS anything that's also just informative or FUN, like Chess or other games!! 

      The event will be held at our oft-used Calabazas Park:  1201 S. Blaney Ave (at Rainbow), just off Hwy 85 and S. De Anza Blvd.  The site will be open for set up pretty much as soon as folks can get there (9am, officially) but the class schedule will be starting at 11am SCA time...We're hoping for 4 tracks with 3-4 classes each, starting on the hour and lasting 45 min with a 15min break between.  We will also set up one of those tracks for classes of differing lengths, such as on-going/hand's on things (like bead/jewelry, chess table, etc).

      If you have ever wanted to teach a class from your unique perspective and share your experience with others in a less-austere environment than a major Kingdom collegium or A&S event, you may contact me at aands@... to share your ideas for a class!!!  You can also visit our beautifully re-designed Southern Shores website at www.southern-shores.net to keep up on the latest event details (in the calendar section under "Newcomers") and the class list that will be posted as a work in progress once folks start signing up!

      SO!!!!!   Do you see yourself here? Let me know!!!  ALL types of classes and suggestions for classes are welcome!
      PS...some of you "usual suspects" I will be contacting directly to check your availability/interest for the event this year, so head's up!!  ;-)

      Catherine Holcombe of Arden
      A&S Officer, Province of Southern Shores

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