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[Fwd: New Publication: "The Glass of an Eleventh-Century Shipwreck"]

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  • Samia al-Kaslaania
    Wow! From another list. 20% discount at the bottom. --Samia ... Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 From: GF Bass NEW PUBLICATION George F. Bass, Robert H.
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      Wow! From another list. 20% discount at the bottom. --Samia

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      Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009
      From: GF Bass <gfbass@...>


      George F. Bass, Robert H. Brill, Berta Lledó, and Sheila Matthews. Serçe
      Limani, vol. 2. The Glass of an Eleventh-Century Shipwreck. College Station:
      Texas A&M University Press, 2009. 9X12. 544 pages. 44 color and 100
      black-and-white photographs. 1,000 drawings. 938 line art. 3 maps. 17 site
      plans. 12 tables. 3 charts. $150.00.

      The first of three planned volumes on the ship that sank about A.D.
      1025 at Serçe Limani, Turkey, described the ship, itself (hull, rigging,
      ballast, and anchors), and personal possessions of the crew and passengers.
      The third volume will describe the mercantile aspects of the ship's last
      voyage, and summarize what is known of that voyage: the ship sailed with
      Bulgarian merchants from the north shore of the Sea of Marmara, but the
      specific port on the Syro-Palestinian coast where it took on a cargo of
      Islamic glass and glazed bowls has not yet been identified.

      This volume describes and illustrates the excavation, conservation, and
      study of the largest single collection of medieval Islamic glass: 80 intact
      vessels, two tons of raw cullet, and another ton of broken factory discards
      intended to be recycled, but painstakingly reassembled and mended from
      between half a million and a million shards: 1,250 beakers, 367 disk-rim
      bottles, 293 cylindrical jars, 265 flared bowls, 248 demijohns, 247 lamps,
      240 bubble-neck bottles, 221 scent sprinklers, and much more, including
      flasks, cupping glasses, alembic heads, plates, saucers, ewers, jugs,
      cylindrical bowls, cups, crown glass, and various sorts of manufacturing
      waste. The book includes chapters on the molds used and results of chemical
      analyses of the glass, with an afterward by David Whitehouse.

      Books are available from fine booksellers, online retailers, and directly
      from the publisher. To order from Texas A&M University Press, go to
      www.tamupress.com or call 800-826-8911 (domestic orders); 979-845-1426
      (international calls). To order, with a 20% discount from the
      publisher, use code 2A.
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