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Public service announcement: List Etiquette

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  • wodeford
    My apologies to the list, however, even moderators make mistakes and I allowed a top-posted message to go through. Because we ve got some new folks on the list
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 30, 2009
      My apologies to the list, however, even moderators make mistakes and I allowed a top-posted message to go through.

      Because we've got some new folks on the list who may not be familiar with it, the following is the text of our policy on List Etiquette. It can be found in the "Files" Section at our YahooGroup home page:


      Welcome! Authentic_SCA is growing every week. From less than 50 members when we started several years ago, we have over 1200 members at this time. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you how things work around here.

      The rules of the group were formed relatively early on and we feel they work well to keep your group a civilized place to discuss our interests. We currently have four hardworking moderators, dedicated to keeping your group free of spam and spammers. By keeping the list moderated, we catch them at the gate before you are ever aware of them.

      HOW IT WORKS: When you subscribe to the list, you are automatically on moderated status. (This is how we catch spammers.) Once you have posted a few times on subjects relevant to the group, you may be removed from moderated status. In a perfect world, we would be better able to keep track of who is posting and get people off moderated status a bit more quickly, but we have our attacks of real life just as you do - and you outnumber us significantly. On the other hand, this "flaw" allows us to catch the rare occasions when a member in good standing either top-posts with an entire digest dangling under their post, or posts a message as the subject line (both have happened more than once and been caught and chopped by moderators before the post went to the group).

      1. Please delete the previous message before sending your message. In other words, do not "top-post" (post your message on top of the previous post and sending it). This may be standard practice on other electronic lists, but it is NOT acceptable here. Why? It's too easy to forget to edit the preceding post (or posts) with this
      habit and it's very hard on our members who receive their list-mail in digest form. If you consistently top-post, you will be placed on moderated status and the moderators will edit your posts for you. That makes more work for moderators.

      2. It IS acceptable to intersperse your comments with those in the post to which you are responding. If a paragraph of the post to which you are responding has nothing you wish to address, please delete it before sending your response.

      3. Members who join begin on moderated status and remain there until they have posted to the group on relevant topics at least three times. Ideally at that point, they will have their membership changed to unmoderated status. Please be patient. As mentioned above, we're outnumbered and we may not always be able to get to your post as soon as it hits the list. (Your patience is also requested for those times
      when Yahoogroups has server issues. Sometimes posts get held up and we have no control over it either.)

      4. Dialogue on this list is expected to be polite and respectful. Spirited intellectual debate is one thing, flame wars are another. Keep it courteous.

      5. If you feel that a conversation is getting abusive or improper, please privately notify the moderators. We will review the conversation and privately email all parties involved as to decisions.

      6. Please sign your posts. As mentioned, there are over 1200 members at this writing. We don't know who you are and addressing you by your email address is rude and impersonal. If you don't have an SCA name yet, it's perfectly acceptable to sign with your modern one.
      Example: "Jehanne de Wodeford, West Kingdom."
      Example: "Pete H."
      Example: "Vickie from Ravenshore"

      7. When posting an an event announcement, please identify the kingdom and local group, as well as the modern location at the *beginning* of the post. Modern state (and where applicable, country) should be listed in the header of the announcement.
      Example: "Subject: Fargo, ND Event To End All Events 2/3/07."

      8. If the topic of your post has gone off on a tangent from what was originally being discussed, please change the subject line. Some time in the future somebody might want to search the group archives for information on indigo dyes and isn't going to know you posted about indigo dyes in a post titled "Felted Wool."
      Example: "Subject: Indigo Dyes (was Felted Wool)."

      As the name says, this group exists to promote the pursuit of authenticity in the Society For Creative Anachronism. Joining this list means understanding that your fellow members have a mutual interest in the SCA being more correct for the periods represented by its members.If you're looking for information on how to acquire more period-appropriate tentage or how to make clothing or other items using techniques and/or materials that would have been used during the SCA time-frame, you have come to the right place.

      Please be aware that if you solicit advice on how to do something, you should expect to receive answers on how best to make the journey in having a more medieval SCA experience. If you're looking for someone's blessing to do it quick, dirty and modern, you are going
      to be disappointed. If you are not interested in this, or you just don't understand why someone would rather have a reproduction of a 16th century wooden German chest in their Pennsic tent than a Rubbermaid tote, you're on the wrong list.

      Our membership is wide ranging, knowledgeable and very happy to share what they know. Please accept their enthusiasm and passion for their interests as that. We understand that everyone has particular interests and may be more interested in pursuing authenticity in certain facets of their game than others. We have high standards -
      for ourselves. We are not projecting our personal goals, requirements or wishes onto you; if you feel we are, please take a deep breath and go back and read the post.

      We don't expect people to abandon their wheelchairs, glasses, orthopedics, or inhalers in pursuit of authenticity; health is more important than this game. We also don't expect you to spend your last $5 on linen for a veil rather than lunch; this would be stupid and the people on this list are far from that. If you spend your last $5 on linen, perhaps you need to rethink your priorities. The SCA is a game. If you're not having fun, you're not doing something right;
      figure out what it is and go from there.


      Be sure to visit the Links and Files sections of the group at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Authentic_SCA/ (see menu at left of screen).
      You may also search our archives by typing key words or phrases into the Search box - we've been around for several years and you may find answers to your questions have already been discussed.

      Thank you for abiding by the rules of the list which make Authentic_SCA one of the most civilized and respectful corners of our electronic world. We appreciate your membership in our community and look forward to its continued growth.

      Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me or any of our other moderators.

      Jehanne de Wodeford, West Kingdom
      List owner and Pacific Time Zone Moderator
    • calibridseagodess
      Does anyone know where I can find any books and or pattern for 15th century Irish nobility or middle class. Thank in advance Calibrid
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 31, 2009
        Does anyone know where I can find any books and or pattern for 15th
        century Irish nobility or middle class. Thank in advance Calibrid
      • JL Badgley
        On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 12:42 PM, ... Have you checked out the Atlantian MoAS website? It has a good collection of links (though I would use my judgment
        Message 3 of 3 , Aug 1, 2009
          On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 12:42 PM,
          calibridseagodess<calibridseagodess@...> wrote:
          > Does anyone know where I can find any books and or pattern for 15th
          > century Irish nobility or middle class. Thank in advance Calibrid
          Have you checked out the Atlantian MoAS website? It has a good
          collection of links (though I would use my judgment depending on the


          I've generally been pleased with Kass McGann's work at Reconstructing History:


          Hope that helps!

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