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Lords of the Samurai 6/12–9/20/09, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

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  • wodeford
    Coming this summer to San Francisco s Asian Art Museum: http://www.asianart.org/Samurai.htm More than just warriors, Japanese samurai of the highest rank were
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2009
      Coming this summer to San Francisco's Asian Art Museum:

      "More than just warriors, Japanese samurai of the highest rank were
      visionaries, writers, and artists as well. The Hosokawa clan, powerful
      military nobles with a 600-year-old lineage, embodied this duality of
      fierce warrior and refined gentleman. This exhibition features more
      than 150 works from the Hosokawa family collection housed in the
      Eisei-Bunko Museum in Tokyo, the Kumamoto Castle, and the Kumamoto
      Municipal Museum in Kyushu. Objects on view will include suits of
      armor, armaments (including swords and guns), formal attire,
      calligraphy, paintings, teaware, lacquerware, masks, and musical

      I attended a museum event last night, which included tea demonstrations one could not get anywhere near, tastings of three ludicrously expensive sake (yes, they were all lovely, but $60 a bottle is just not gonna happen for me), and of course, the exhibition itself, which is in its early weeks.

      If you are in the area (or plan to be*), it's a must-see. The armor is all Edo-period, but they have some sword blades and tsuba from our period, an exquisite late-period matchlock, a go set reputed to have belonged to tea master Sen Rikyu, ink paintings and manuscripts by Miyamoto Musashi, and a number of noh costumes. As with many exhibitions at the Asian, they will be rotating in some additional pieces later in the summer, so it's worth visiting twice, if at all possible.

      (*Plan to be? Drop me a note. I'm a museum member, which means I can get one guest in free. Be sure to check the website above, as there are additional programs and lectures all summer relating to the exhibition.)

      Saionji no Hanae
      West Kingdom
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