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Fwd: Known world Academy of the Rapier and Costuming Symposium

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  • wodeford
    ... Greetings!   I am the Deputy Event Steward and class coordinator for the Known World Costuming Syposium to be held this October in Philadelphia, PA (East
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      I am the Deputy Event Steward and class coordinator for the Known World Costuming Syposium to be held this October in Philadelphia, PA (East Kingdom).  Nothing would please me more than to be able to offer a full track of Eastern classes about clothing and their accessories.  Mongol, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Middle Eastern, Indian, Russian, African, you name it!
      I will be posting a list of suggested class topics very soon, but there is no reason for you to wait :)  If you have a clothing or accessory class that you would like to teach, please contact me offlist. 

      Please feel free to forward this anywhere and everywhere it seems appropriate.

      The website will be up soon.

      For more information please keep checking www.KWAR09.com  or  www.KWCS09.com

      Known World

      Academy of the Rapier


      Costumers Symposium

      The Baronies of Bhakail and Iron Bog in the Kingdom of the East invite
      you to join us in Philadelphia for this year’s Known World Academy of
      the Rapier and Known World Costuming Symposium! This event will
      include two days of classes on both subjects as well as a cocktail
      party and Masked Ball featuring music performed by the Bhakailie
      Branslers Saturday evening.

      ***Overview of the event schedule:***

      Friday evening: Troll open from 5 pm to 8 pm


      9 am: Troll opens

      10 am: Classes begin

      5 pm: Classes end for the day, Troll closes

      6 pm: Court

      8 pm: Masked Ball and cocktail party

      12 am: Ball and party end


      9 am: Troll opens

      10 am: Classes begin

      12 pm: Troll closes

      5 pm: Classes end

      ***A call for teachers!***

      We have a unique opportunity to offer a wide range and large number of
      classes at this event! If you wish to teach a class in the art of
      rapier or in the art of costuming, please contact one of the class
      coordinators below! A $5 discount will be granted to teachers teaching
      2 or more classes during the weekend.

                Costuming: Mistress Danabren, danabren@...

                Fencing: Lady Lissa Underhill, Laralu@...

      ***Site fee:***

      $25 pre-registered

      $30 at the door

      $3 non-member surcharge will be applied.

      Site fee includes: entrance for classes Saturday and Sunday, Court,
      Masked ball and cocktail party (cash bar). The site is dry outside of
      personal rooms excepting alcohol sold by the hotel.

      Please note there will be no feast or dayboard at this event. The
      Sheraton and the 2 sister hotels within walking distance offer several
      dining options and “grab-and-go” boxed lunches will be available for
      purchase as well.

      ***Hotel information:*** Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport

      4101 B Island Avenue · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19153


      We have negotiated a special room rate with the hotel of $85/night for
      this event. We will provide further instructions for making
      reservations as part of the event block once everything is set up.
      (Watch this space for updates or check the KWAR/KWCS web site for
      further information!)

      This is a non-smoking hotel. A complimentary hotel shuttle is
      available from the Philadelphia Airport and runs every half hour.

      Since the event is over Columbus Day weekend, if you choose to arrive
      Thursday or not leave until Monday, the special rate can be extended
      to apply to those nights.


      We have reserved an open terrace area for the merchants on Saturday.
      They layout of this hotel is such that there are hotel suites just off
      the terrace (complete with windows) that can be used for merchant
      space as well should merchants choose to reserve those rooms
      individually. On the terrace, we must rent tables from the hotel and
      unfortunately you cannot bring your own tables. If merchanting from a
      room, however, there is no such requirement. Merchants must commit by
      September 1st in order to guarantee a space. Please contact Corinna
      the Lost at greenness@... for additional information.

      Merchant Fees:

      On the terrace: $25 per 2’x6’ table

      In room: $10 + Cost of room


      Site: Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport

      4101 B Island Avenue · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19153

      Site opens: 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9

      Site closes: 5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 11

      Send reservations to:

      Master Lorcan Dracontius

      c/o John St Dennis

      2035 Kater St

      Philadelphia, PA 19146

      215 731 1884 (No calls after 9:00 PM)

      Registration deadline:  Sept 18, 2009.

      To speed your way though troll please include your membership number
      and either an SASE or email address.

      Make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Barony of Bhakail

      Event Steward(s):

      Lord Griffith Davion

      Deputy Steward:

      Baron Lawrence Thornguard

      Deputy Steward for KWCS:

      Baroness Danabren OL

      Deputy Steward for KWAR:

      Don Collin Monro

      Fencing Class Coordinator:

      Lady Lissa Underhill

      Costuming Class Coordinator:

      Mistress Danabren

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