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Fwd: [18cWoman] Natural Dyeing workshops at NH Sheep & Wool Festival

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  • Folo Watkins
    This just came across the 18cWoman s list, and I thought some of the folk here might be interested: Cheers, Folo www.micelfolcland.org
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      This just came across the 18cWoman's list, and I
      thought some of the folk here might be interested:

      Cheers, Folo

      >The New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival (May
      >9-10) is having Norah Kyle from Plimouth
      >Plantation participate in their workshop/lecture
      >program this year. Her topic is historic natural
      >dyeing - and she'll also have her demo dyepot going all weekend as well.
      >Here's the list of ALL the workshops - scroll
      >through and you'll see her listings. There's
      >information on registering there as well.
      >- - - - - - - -
      >Introduction to Drop Spindling with Jenny Bannock
      >Saturday 10-12
      >Come and learn the basics of drop spindling
      >using the "park and draft method" with spinner
      >Jenny Bannock. Whether you have your own drop
      >spindle, or wish to borrow one from the
      >instructor to experiment before purchasing your
      >own spindle, this is a great opportunity to get
      >a good grasp of spinning, plying and finishing
      >yarn with this low cost alternative to a
      >standard spinning wheel. Participants will
      >receive fiber, handouts and suggestions for new
      >and experienced spinners. Cost $25. Preregister
      >with Jenny at <mailto:divinebird%40gmail.com>divinebird@....
      >Introduction to Knitting
      >Saturday 1-3
      >If you've always wanted to learn how to knit,
      >now is your chance! Join instructor Jenny
      >Bannock for this class that will teach you to
      >cast on, bind off, knit and purl. Once you're
      >comfortable with these skills, Jenny will teach
      >you how to increase and decrease, thereby making
      >it possible for you to follow basic knitting
      >patterns. Cost $25. Preregister with Jenny at
      >Natural Dyeing for Historical Accuracy
      >Sunday 10-12
      >Join Historic Interpreter Norah Kyle of the
      >Plymouth Plantation as she takes you through a
      >hands on tour of history of natural dyeing, and
      >gives you tips and pointers for presenting
      >natural dyeing in an interpreter's venue.
      >Participants are encouraged to bring their own
      >skeins of wool yarn to dye, or skeins will be
      >available for purchase. Cost $25 Preregister
      >with Norah at <mailto:nkyle128%40mac.com>nkyle128@...
      >Taking Spinning Back to Basics with Joanne Seiff
      >Sunday 1-4
      >Many spinners rely exclusively on processed wool
      >roving these days. What's it like to take it
      >back to the basics? This class, designed for
      >spinner with some experience, will cover
      >techniques for processing and spinning raw wool
      >and washed locks. We'll use a variety of basic
      >tools to create yarns and get back to the way
      >many people around the world used to spin, or
      >still spin. Participants should bring a spindle
      >or spinning wheel and hand cards, combs or flick
      >carders. Cost $35. Preregister with Joann Seiff
      >by April 15 at
      >Cost after April 15-$45 payable at the Festival.
      >10:00 Getting Started in Sheep Thinking about
      >starting your own sheep flock? Come and learn
      >the basics of fencing, nutrition, breed
      >selection and other nuts and bolts for beginning shepherds.
      >11:00 Ag in the Classroom Lisa Nevins, Ag
      >Educator Come learn about this innovative
      >program for educators, homeschoolers, and others
      >who are interested in getting agricultural topics into schools.
      >12:00 New Hampshire: A Place for Sheep Lorraine
      >Merrill, Commissioner of Agriculture Come hear
      >Commisioner Merrill's thoughts on the New
      >Hampshire Sheep industry, past, present and future.
      >1:00 Understanding the Scrapies and Premise ID
      >Program, Dr. Crawford Confused about this
      >program? Dr Crawford will explain the importance
      >of this program, how to sign up, the benefits of
      >the program for both large and small scale shepherds.
      >2:00 Improving Your Pastures: Management Basics
      >Brandon Smith, NRCS Quality pastures yield
      >quality sheep! Come learn about plant diversity
      >and pasture reseeding methods, plant nutrients,
      >pests and weeds, how to determine soil quality
      >and how to use a grazing stick NRCS assistance
      >for farmers will also be discussed.
      >3:00 Your Grazing System: Making It All Work
      >Together. Heidi Konesko, NRCS Fine tune your
      >grazing system by increasing your understanding
      >of paddock size, rotational grazing, fencing
      >options, and watering systems for NH. Learn
      >about the different programs that NRCS has to
      >offer to provide financial assistance for farmers.
      >11:00 Fiber Gatherings: Exploring US Fiber
      >Festivals. Join author Joann Seiff as she takes
      >us on a virtual tour of other US fiber
      >festivals. Her tour resulted in a recently
      >published book by the same title, and features
      >the NHSWGA festival. Signed copies of the book
      >will be available for sale after the lecture.
      >12:00 Building Our Sheep and Wool Industry
      >Nanney Kennedy, Shepherd, fiber Artist and
      >entrepreneur, featured in Shear Spirit, will
      >speak to the importance of planning your end
      >product before your choose your sheep breed and
      >will present her experience with the sheep and
      >wool industry in New England. Copies of Shear
      >Spirit will be available for sale after the lecture.
      >1:00 Harrisville Designs: Continuing the
      >Tradition of Wool and Spinning Since 1790 Learn
      >how this tiny mill town still hosts a thriving
      >tradition of spinning and weaving and how
      >business and historical preservation have
      >partnered to keep a traditional occupation alive
      >and well! Learn about their recently published
      >book, Woolworks: Teaching to the National
      >Standards with Fiber Arts. Author Lorna McMaster
      >will be available to sign books at the end of the lecture.
      >2:00 Dyeing to Live, Living to Dye: History of
      >the Dyeing Profession 1400-1850 Norah Kyle, Dyer
      >and Interpreter from Plymouth Plantation will
      >take us on a journey through the mysterious
      >profession of dyeing, from the practice of the
      >common folk of the 1400's through the rise and
      >fall of the Dyer's Guilds, and the role of the
      >Dyers in the advancement of the textile industry.
      >3:00 Fencing Options for Sheep Dave Kennard,
      >Wellscroft Fence Systems Ready to start you own
      >flock? Make sure you join fencing expert Dave
      >Kennard to learn about your fencing options.
      >New this Year
      >Family Fun Make and Take Area.
      >Join instructor Lauren Hakala for wooly make and
      >take workshops for families. Learn new skills
      >that can be continued at home including needle
      >and wet felting, weaving, braiding, and working
      >with wool roving. Parents are asked to accompany
      >and assist their younger children for each
      >project. There will be a $5 material fee per
      >person for each project, and limited seating on
      >a first come, first served basis.
      >Fleece Workshops at Jeff Jordan's Shearing Demonstration Area
      >After watching Jeff Jordan shear a sheep on the
      >hour, learn about the freshly shorn sheep and
      >wool from some of the areas finest shepherds and fiber artists.
      >Note: though there aren't specific topics, the
      >Spinner's Guild will be demonstrating all day.
      >I'm not sure how to visually include them on the
      >scheduleĀ—perhaps an "information bubble" on the grid somewhere?
      >In addition, on Saturday, Norah Kyle of the
      >Merry Little Lamb, will be demonstrating natural
      >dyeing over a woodfire, all day.
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