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  • Dan Christensen
    From Baron Tryggvy Landstaker Of An Tir I would like to take a minute to thank you all. I asked for help a week ago collecting up information for a podcast
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2008
      From Baron Tryggvy Landstaker Of An Tir

      I would like to take a minute to thank you all. I asked for help a week ago collecting up
      information for a podcast focus on AEthelmearc for June. I did not expect to get so much

      You will will be able to hear the podcast at: http://lionsroad.org

      If you have any information you would like to add please let me know. I can't wait to get
      out to your Kingdom and I hope you all have a great eventing season.

      Tons of Love Tryggvy.

      Collected informaion

      To Contact me
      My Email for yahoo is: rainmagix@...
      Please start subject line: AEthelmearc/ (your subject)

      Show Plan
      Our new monthly Kingdom focus will start in June For 4 episodes
      Date Focus
      The 4th Kingdom Level Facts and History
      The 11th Branches
      The 18th People (Phone interviews)
      The 25th Events

      AEthelmearc Flickr
      We also have a Flickr account for photos and would like to ask for any photos you may
      have http://www.flickr.com/groups/lionsroad_aethelmearc/ People, events or projects
      would be great. Please feel free to join and add.

      Things I would like more information on.
      • History of AEthelmearc
      • Anything unique to AEthelmearc –history, stories, names, positions anything.
      • Fighting groups, houses of note

      AEthelmearc Information

      • Kingdom of AEthelmearc

      • Founded AS 32 (1997) September (Early in 1997 kingdom of Artemisia was formed as

      • The Fifteenth Kingdom

      • Founded from the Kingdom of the East

      • Monarchs sever for 6 months

      • AEthelmearc started as principality of the East Kingdom in 1989.

      • There were 16 Prince and princess and 1 lady protector.

      • AEthelmearc means "Noble Boarder" Due to its status as a boarder land between
      Middle and East.

      • Current Royal: Current Royals Their Sylvan majesties Khalek and Branwyn. Their Royal
      Highnesses - Christopher Rawlyns and Morgen of Rye

      • Banner is: Gules, an escarbuncle argent within a laurel wreath and in chief a coronet


      West Virginia,
      Western & Central Pennsylvania
      Western & Central New York.

      Neighboring Kingdoms
      North you have Ealdomere
      On the East you have the East Kingdom
      To the west you have the Midrealm
      Atlantia to the south

      Branches Overview
      Barony 7
      Shires 19
      1 Dominion
      1 college
      5 Cantons

      Branches Specific

      West Virginia
      Barony of Blackstone Mountain
      Shire of Misty Highlands
      Shire of Port Oasis
      Shire of Sylvan Glen

      Western, PA
      Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands
      College of Cour d'Or
      Canton of Steltonwald
      Shire of Gryffon's Keep
      Shire of Hunter's Home
      Shire of Kings Crossing
      Shire of Riversedge
      Shire of Stormsport
      Shire of Sunderoak

      Central And North Eastern, PA
      Shire of Abhainn Chiach Ghlais
      Barony of Endless Hills
      Canton of Riverouge
      Shire of Hornwood
      Shire of Nithgaard
      Barony of St. Swithin's Bog
      Canton of Westland Mor

      Western, NY
      Shire of Hartstone
      Shire of Heronter
      Shire of Blackwater
      Barony of the Rhydderich Hael
      Canton of Beau Fleuve
      Barony of Thescorre

      Central, NY
      Shire of Coppertree
      Shire of Courtlandtslot
      Barony of Delftwood
      Canton of Angel's Keep
      Dominion of Myrkfaelinn
      Shire of Sterlynge Vayle
      Shire of Wynstersett


      The Pennsic Treaty

      Now Pennsic as we all know is a big daddy of SCA events. The formation of
      AEthelmearc posed a problem in that Pennsic an East Kingdom war between the Middle
      Kingdom and The East was now going to be held in the new third Kingdom of
      It is a tribute to the hard work of Kingdom Seneschals and Crowns that this treaty was
      made. This is the type of deal breaker that would stop many form attempting to form a
      new Kingdom but a way was found through hard work and effort to keep not only Pennsic
      as an event but to maintain it's traditions and feel.
      AEthelmearc is the fist Kingdom on the Dias at the opening Ceremony's to great the other
      Kingdoms and in my opinion for their hard work and effort over the years there is no
      better earned honor in the SCA.

      Events of Note (other then Pennsic)
      Festival of the passing of the Ice Dragon
      Hosted by The Barony of the Rhydderich Hael
      Celebrates the passing of winter and the coming of spring.
      It host a Science Pentathlon ** need more information What is this.
      Indoor fighting and fencing.

      The Dominion of Myrkfaelinn,
      So have you ever heard of a Dominion before? Sure we know Cantons, shires, and
      Principalities and Kingdoms but what is a Dominion.
      This is one of those great stories the prove that bending the rules makes more fun
      then just hitting some one on the head with them.
      Technically if you want to speak SCA legalese (Myrkfaelinn) is a shire in AEthelmearc
      but it is still in name a Dominion and it's people uphold this great tradition.

      This is how it went down as I have been told.
      • When Myrkfaelinn was formed, quite a few of its members were Old Icelandic Studies
      majors at Cornell University.
      o They wrote the charter in Old Icelandic and sent it in to the SCA corporate office.
      Essentially, the BoD looked at it and said "hey, that's cool!" and applied their stamp of
      o Shortly afterwards the King of the East stepped down (for, at that time we were in the
      Western Region of the East Kingdom)
      o The members of Myrkfaelinn revealed that the way their charter had been written, that
      the group owed their fealty to the individual who had been on the throne, not the throne
      itself - he had been named specifically, not "the Throne of the East Kingdom".
      o There must have been much hemming and hawing over this at the time, but in the
      end Myrkfaelinn was granted Dominion status,
      o Declared nominally 'independent', and the BoD announced that all further charters
      had to be accompanied by an English translation which would be considered the official
      o Eventually, to clarify things, the BoD ruled that a Dominion is effectively a shire with a
      funny name, but it hasn't stopped many generations of Myrkies from indulging in
      historically accurate Icelandic behavior
      o Now that is a great story. I love the idea of A Dominion, that just adds to the flavor to
      the game we play. Not that I want everyone to jump on the Dominion but the idea that this
      one is out there makes me smile

      Recent Peers
      This is not a definitive list of peers but a shout out to those of AEthelmearc that have
      become pillars of their Kingdom. This list is compiled from Emails sent to me so if your are
      left out I'm sorry, I tried to include everyone I can.

      Alaric of the Mists

      Dane and Lady Constance Waite
      Baroness Ekaterina Volkova

      Lady Hrefna inn hepna thorgrimsdottir

      War Groups/houses
      Would like some names of other noted groups of AEthelmearc

      Mountain Cross Kingdom Confederation in AEthelmearc and East Kingdom.

      Kingdom Specific Traditions, Names, Words,
      (Example: in An Tir the roped off area of a tournament field is called and Eric. This is
      because early on the first roped off field was red. The ropes were red and it was called Eric
      the Red.. this became just Eric.)

      Unique Arms
      King and Queen have the same arms. It is their position the King and Queen are the
      crown. Therefore, the Queen has the right and duty to bear the full arms of the kingdom
      without differentiation. (This also means that if a Queen in her own right there will be no

      These are my observations from my totally unscientific survey of SCA people from around
      the Known World.

      AEthelmearc enjoys a very relaxed and hospitable reputation among SCA folks. Maybe it's
      because Pennsic has given them an insight that a more insular people would lack. People
      emailed me from all over the known world really supportive of AEthelmearc.

      Very Helpful, I have never done an Email pole on Yahoo groups, I put out some request for
      information on AEthelmearc based yahoo groups and I got flooded with helpful
      information. Now I don't have a comparison but I think I can say that people from
      AEthelmearc are very very helpful.
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