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[Fwd: MESA 2008 Call for Papers: Panel on Arts of the Book]

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  • Samia al-Kaslaania
    From another list. Samia ... Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 From: Emine Fetvaci Call for Papers for MESA 2008: Arts of the Book in the Islamic
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      From another list. Samia

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      Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008
      From: Emine Fetvaci <efetvaci@...>

      Call for Papers for MESA 2008:

      "Arts of the Book in the Islamic World: Rethinking Categories"

      Implicitly or explicitly, as art historians, we all bring frameworks of
      classification to bear on our study of illustrated manuscripts from the
      Islamic world. Whether we conceive of them along linguistic lines,
      dynastic categories, or visual idioms; or we make content based
      distinctions such as scientific, historical, or literary manuscripts,
      we subscribe to some system of categorization. All of these grouping
      systems have advantages and disadvantages, and there are significant
      exceptions that cannot be encompassed by any of them. It is these
      categories that we would like to question during the proposed panel,
      ?Arts of the Book in the Islamic World: Rethinking Categories.? We
      would like to invite papers concerned with methodology and
      classification in the study of manuscripts, preferably deriving from
      the concrete examples that you are working on. The contours of the
      panel will be determined by the papers presented, but a few questions
      that are of interest to us are the following: can we talk of a
      ?historical? or ?religious? visual idiom within any given dynastic or
      linguistic group, how do we account for cultural exchange between
      different courts such as Yuan China and the Ilkhanids, or how do we
      reconcile the eclectic collection of manuscripts at the Ottoman royal
      library with the products of their manuscript studios.

      If you are interested in participating, please send a short abstract by
      Wednesday February 13 to Emine Fetvaci (fetvaci@...) and Persis
      Berlekamp (berlekam@...)
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