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Re: [Authentic_SCA]Re: Is anyone working on any interesting projects?

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  • Ceindrych merch Riacat
    Dianne & Greg Stucki wrote:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2008
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      Dianne & Greg Stucki <goofy4@...> wrote: << Have you looked at Festive Attyre? http://www.festiveattyre.com Jen has instructions up for making a gorgeous Italian-style camicia.
      Drea Leed has a Custom Smock Generator at http://www.elizabethancostume.net, but be aware, it does not angle the shoulders at all, and I wound up with my sleeve seam nearly at my elbows. :-)
      There's also the Renaissance Tailor http://www.renaissancetailor.com who has a demo for making an Elizabethan shirt. >>

      Thank you for the links. I shall be very busy tonight. And cautious of sleeve-seam placement. :-)

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