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List Ettiquette on Authentic SCA

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  • Amy
    Greetings. I hope the day finds you all well. Authentic_SCA has 1465 members at this time and we re growing every week. I would like to take this opportunity
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2007
      Greetings. I hope the day finds you all well.

      Authentic_SCA has 1465 members at this time and we're growing
      every week. I would like to take this opportunity to remind our
      members new and old of what has been considered proper etiquette on
      this list for the past 5 years.

      This list presently has 4 hardworking moderators, dedicated to
      your group free of spam and spammers. By keeping this list moderated,
      we catch them at the gate before you are ever aware of them.

      Decisions on how your group is administered are not dictated by a
      single person. We do discuss how things should be done and there have
      been times one moderator was out-voted by others on a point of list
      etiquette. We do listen to your suggestions and ideas. Those of you
      who have been with us over the long haul may have noticed some
      in the way we've been handling Moderator Notes on edited posts, for

      Five years ago, Authentic_SCA had less than 50 members. Our community
      has grown and that's a wonderful thing. The rules of the group were
      formed relatively early on and we feel they work well for keeping
      group a civilized place to discuss our interests.

      When a person subscribes to the list, he/she is automatically put on
      moderated status. (This is how we catch those spammers.) Once a
      posts a few times on items that are relevant to the group, he/she may
      be removed from moderated status. In an ideal environment, we would
      be better able to keep track of who is posting and get people off
      moderated status a bit more quickly, but we have our attacks of real
      life just as you do - and you outnumber us significantly. On the
      hand, this "flaw" allows us to catch the rare occasions when a member
      in good standing either top-posts with an entire digest dangling
      their post, or posts a message as the subject line (both have
      more thanonce and been caught and chopped by moderators before the
      post went to the group).

      For our newer members and anyone who needs a reminder, these are THE

      1. Please delete the previous message before sending your message -
      in other words, DO NOT TOP-POST (which is posting your message on
      top of the previous post and sending it). This may have become
      a 'regular' practice on various formats over the years, but it is
      *not* an acceptable practice on this list. It's too easy to forget to
      edit the preceding post or posts with this habit and it's very hard
      our members who receive their listmail in digest form. If you
      consistently top-post, you will be placed on moderated status and the
      moderators will edit your posts for you. That makes more work for

      2. It is perfectly acceptable to intersperse your comments with those
      in the post to which you are responding. If a paragraph of the post
      which you are responding has nothing you wish to address, please
      delete it before sending your response.

      3. Members who join begin on moderated status and remain there until
      they have posted to the group on relevant topics at least three
      Ideally at that point, they will have their membership changed to
      unmoderated status. Please be patient. As mentioned above, we're
      outnumbered and we may not always be able to get to your post as soon
      as it hits the list. (Your patience is also requested for those times
      when Yahoogroups has server issues. Sometimes posts get held up and
      have no control over it either.)

      4. Dialogue on this list is expected to be polite and respectful.
      Spirited intellectual debate is one thing, but keep it courteous.

      5. If a member of this list feels that a conversation is getting
      abusive or improper, please privately notify the moderators, who will
      review the conversation and privately email all parties involved as
      to decisions.

      6. Please sign your posts. As mentioned, there are over 1400 members
      at this writing. We don't know who you are and addressing you by your
      email address is rude and impersonal. If you don't have an SCA name
      yet, sign with your modern one.

      7. If posting an event announcement, please identify the kingdom and
      shire, as well as the modern location at the *beginning* of the post.
      Modern state (and where applicable, country) should be listed in the
      header of the announcement.
      Example: "Subject: Fargo, ND Event To End All Events 2/3/07."

      8. If the topic of your post has gone off on a tangent from what was
      originally being discussed, please change the subject line. Some time
      in the future somebody might want to search the group archives for
      information on indigo dyes and isn't going to know you posted about
      indigo dyes in a post titled "Felted Wool."
      Example: "Subject: Indigo Dyes (was Felted Wool)."

      Thank you for abiding by the rules of the list which make
      Authentic_SCA one of the most civilized and respectful corners of our
      electronic world. We appreciate your membership in our community and
      look forward to its continued growth.

      Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me or any of our other

      Despina ot Brasov
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