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OT: Micel Folcland Hearth Night - Danville, IL, 10/26-28/2007

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  • L Joseph
    ... http://www.advancenet.net/folo/micel_folcland_hearth_night_ii.htm. ... Fiat simii. Iocundum nunquam cessat. http://www.wodefordhall.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2007
      --- Folo Watkins <folo@...> wrote:
      > Micel Folcland--the Wisconsin-Indiana-Illinois
      > branch of Regia
      > Anglorum--would like to invite any serious student
      > of British culture
      > between 950 and 1066 ce--predominantly but not
      > exclusively Norse, Saxon and
      > Norman reenactors--to Hearth Night II on 26-28
      > October near Danville,
      > Illinois. No fee, and no accurate costume is
      > required. It is a training
      > session where we will concentrate on rebated steel
      > combat, target archery,
      > natural dyeing, firestarting, games and much else.
      > Featured will be period cooking with period
      > ingredients and accurate
      > utensils, over an open fire. The cooks want to know
      > how much to prepare and
      > who wants to help. There are lunches planned for
      > both Saturday and Sunday.
      > Please let us know. There will be a small charge to
      > cover foods purchased.
      > More information available at
      > Feel
      > free to contact me with questions or to make a
      > reservation for lunch.
      > Cheers, Folo Watkins
      > www.micelfolcland.org

      Fiat simii.

      Iocundum nunquam cessat.

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