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Re: 15C turned 1531

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  • borderlands15213
    ... europe) ... but ... 15C ... it ... trapezoid, ... black ... Celestina, you don t say whether this 1531 event is SCA, or other re- enactment, which can make
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 13, 2007
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "balanttina" <balanttina@...>
      > hello!
      > I represent the second half of 15C 'slovenia' (middle eastern
      > but am going to an 1531 event. not that costumes here are perfect,
      > I was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to transform my
      > costume into sth looking as 16C (without changing it much) or can
      > represent working women in that period too?
      > I have white linen chemise with narrow sleeves, beige linen kirtle
      > without sleeves and with side lacing and dark green wool gown with
      > long sleeves and with front lacing. for headdress I have a
      > a rectangle and a band, all white linen. I am currently wearing
      > leather shoes but they are not period so I have no options there.
      > thank you for your ideas!
      > lp, celestina
      Celestina, you don't say whether this 1531 event is SCA, or other re-
      enactment, which can make a difference.
      The other point which might make a significant difference would be,
      are you meaning working, in a city or town, where fashions might be
      more current, even allowing for "trickle down" effect, or are you
      talking about "working" clothing out in the countryside, on a farm,
      for instance, or that of "workmen/women" on someone's large estate?
      If this clothing or costume is for an SCA event, I wouldn't worry
      *too* much. A kirtle over a simple, plain smock or chemise would be
      fine; front lacing is almost a necessity if a woman's relying on
      herself to serve as her own maid.
      If you're not *doing* work, and are wearing the kirtle without the
      gown, chances are you'd add sleeves to your kirtle. You said yours
      is sleeveless; I'm unsure whether you mean having very short sleeves
      (no longer than the top of the bicep of the arm), or no sleeves at
      all. If you have the short sleeves, which are seen in some of the
      Books of Hours and in paintings, you'd just pin on the separate
      sleeve, which essentially begins where the integral sleeve ends. If
      you have no sleeve at all, then you'd make a longer sleeve, long
      enough to cover your arm and forearm, and it would be sewn to the
      kirtle every time you wore the kirtle.
      Often these separate sleeves are a different color, or a different
      fabric altogether.
      From the description, I'm not getting a mental picture of your
      headdress, but again, if you're talking about working class clothing,
      probably the worst that could happen would be that your headdress
      would be a tad old-fashion compared to your kirtle or gown.
      Shoes are one of the hardest things for most re-enactors to get
      right. There are options out there, though, if you don't want to
      make your own.
      I don't know, of course, where you're located, but hopefully
      something here will be of use to you.

      There's this "juried list:"

      And, although some of this is repetition and is arranged in no
      particular order:


      From what you've written (and assuming this is an SCA event you're
      going to be attending), I'd say you'll be fine.
      Yseult the Gentle
    • balanttina
      hello! thank you very much for answering! I see that I should have been more precise with the details. I am not attending an SCA event as I do not live in any
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 15, 2007

        thank you very much for answering!

        I see that I should have been more precise with the details.
        I am not attending an SCA event as I do not live in any of the
        countries that does 'have' SCA. I am from Slovenia, that is a middle
        eastern europen (or middle europen) country below Austria and west
        of Italy. we have our own set of medieval and renaissance events and
        this 1531 event is one of them.
        however, many costumes here are not as authenthic as they could be
        because people care more about looks than authenticity. well, that
        is for them to decide. I prefer doing it properly.

        the group I am with represents a military/traveling camp of the
        second half of 15. century. we therefore wear working clothes
        probably more in the sense of countryside than anything else.

        my kirtle has no sleeves at all. I already thought of making extra
        sleeves, perhaps in two parts so that the sleeves of the chemise
        would be seen and join them together with laces, which was known in
        these parts.

        I have so many different pices for the headdress so that I am able
        to make different headdresses or chage them according to weather.
        the trapezoidal piece is made after the pattern of marie chantal
        cadieux (http://cadieux.mediumaevum.com/schilling-headdress.html).
        unfortunately I have no pictures yet as that is my latest addition
        to my costume. I suppose I will go for the slightly old-fashioned
        look, then.

        my medieval shoes are due to arrive in september, yey!, but thans
        for the links anyway!

        lp, celestina
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