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Complete Anachronist issue for Kids

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  • Amy Heilveil
    Forwarded from the Atlantia e-list. So.... anyone got stuff for kids to do that they can contribute? Smiles, Despina de la encouraging ... From: Andrea Davis
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2007
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      Forwarded from the Atlantia e-list.

      So.... anyone got stuff for kids to do that they can contribute?

      Despina de la encouraging

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      From: Andrea Davis <adavissca@...>
      Date: Feb 26, 2007 6:07 PM
      Subject: [MR] Fwd: Complete Anachronist issue for Kids
      To: branchseneschals@..., atlantia@...
      Cc: Linda Goldman <lgoldman05@...>

      Forwarded for Mistress Ceridwen:

      Unto the Populace of Atlantia,
      The Editor of the Compleat Anachronist is looking to produce a CA for
      working with Children. I have included in this email the missive from
      Mistress Tonwen. If you, or anyone you know, would like to contribute,
      please find in the email below information on what kinds of articles are
      being sought, as well as the details of the submission of the articles. I
      know that Atlantia has some fantastic Children's Activities(I have seen them
      in action!) that could go into this Compleat Anachronist to share with the
      rest of the Knowne World. Please don;t be shy...write them up and share
      them with the CA!
      Please direct any questions or submissions to the CA editor at

      Ceridwen ferch Owain, OP, OL
      Chancellor for Youth Activities, Atlantia

      My name is Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur, and I'm the new
      editor of The Compleat Anachronist.

      I want to publish an issue of The Compleat Anachronist
      that is intended specifically for our children, from
      about 8-12 years of age. I am searching the Known
      World for people who have special talents working with
      our kids and helping them enjoy their experience in
      the SCA, who might be interested in contributing an
      article to this issue.

      In general, what I'm looking for is a researched and
      documented article on a period topic, with a small
      project that can be completed by a child with minimal
      adult help. For example, an article on hand sewing
      may demonstrate stitches used in the middle ages,
      materials used, and types of threads and needles, with
      a pattern and instructions for making a linen coif.

      The articles should be about 4-6 pages long (1"
      margins, double spaced, 10 point font), including the
      project section, illustrations, photographs, and
      references. Longer or shorter articles can be used,
      but the author should contact me so I can plan the
      issue accordingly.

      Chances are that Atlantia already has material
      available that would be perfect for use in the CA for
      kids. If you know of anyone who teaches a great class
      on any topic that is popular with your children, I
      would greatly appreciate it if you would help me get
      in touch with them.

      Topics and projects that are being considered include
      but are not limited to:

      -Hand sewing (make a linen coif)- TAKEN
      -Leather working (make a leather pouch)
      -Cooking (making bread? cheese? pasties?)
      -Brewing (non-alcoholic beverages)
      -Cross Stitch (make a pin cushion or other small item)
      -Scribal Arts (we're still working on this one)
      -Toys- marbles (make period marbles and play a period
      game with them)
      -Toys- balls (make small leather balls and learn to
      juggle them)

      Thank you very much for your assistance with this

      -Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur, OL
      Editor, The Compleat Anachronist

      Beautiful documents for joyous occasions

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