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Re: Also a Newcomer to the List

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  • Rosie
    I used to love spending parts of ... 13 floor library!! My life is woefully deficient... My biggest ... I don t know what the rules and regulations are where
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 15, 2007
      I used to love spending parts of
      > my summers hanging out in the 13 floor library. :)

      13 floor library!! My life is woefully deficient...

      My biggest
      > problem right now is that the local college requires
      > you to be a student or a faculty member to access its
      > databases. *sigh*

      I don't know what the rules and regulations are where you live, but
      here it is possible to buy a library card as a community member. They
      don't allow all the privileges that staff and current students get,
      like interlibrary loans and all that, but it should allow you access
      to the databases. My uni library card runs out next month and I'm
      going to buy another one. Ok, so I'm having a baby next month and
      won't get anywhere near the library for months and months, but I just
      wouldn't be me without it! A "grown ups" security blanket ;)

      >I'll have to see
      > if I can get people to talk to me while minding my
      > booth. Merchanting is really the only way I can afford
      > to go to events.

      Ha! A proficient chatterer can find information regardless of the
      circumstances :) Everyone promanades down Merchant's row, therefore
      you have the opportunity to chat to everyone. I don't know the
      cultural norms of wherever you're from, but here, people rarely start
      conversations, but are usually happy to talk your leg off if you
      start it. If business gets busy enough to interrupt a conversation,
      get their email address so you can continue it later. Just remember
      to write down which topic you were talking about!

      > Oh I love that little sidetracking entity.

      Heheh, I sort of think of it like that idea of having an angel on one
      shoulder and a demon on the other. Except I think there is only one,
      and it changes outfits sometimes...

      >I have not
      > yet earned my bachelor's in History, and so have not
      > yet learned all the fine points of quality research,
      > but I'm trying my best.

      A bachelor's degree won't teach it to you. I'm considering a postgrad
      diploma in another area of humanities simply because I don't feel
      like I've consolidated those skills properly. Hopefully after that I
      can go onto honours, but I don't feel prepared for it yet. The
      knowlegeables on these lists are good for that. They'll talk about
      sources I don't even know how to look for and can't tell if are good
      or bad. I think this is a life long skill to practise.

      > Now I just need to learn languages besides English, at
      > least to read them.

      Yeah, that would be cool. Auslan doesn't help here. It's a shame I'm
      not terribly talented at learning spoken languages...

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