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Announcement Regarding GWW X - Caid

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  • Amy Heilveil
    Forwarded as per request. Despina ... Greetings- I am writing to request that you post this announcement to any groups or web sites that you have for your
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2006
      Forwarded as per request. Despina

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      I am writing to request that you post this announcement to any groups or web
      sites that you have for your kingdom.

      Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you,

      Lady Gelina Mendrod
      Deputy Publicity
      Great Western War X


      Greetings from the Main Event Stewards for GWW 10.

      It is with very heavy hearts that we announce that Prado Park has had a
      major utility failure. Please be assured that this happened a few days ago
      and is simply the result of old equipment and wiring. There are no
      indications that there was any tampering or foul play.

      The repairs required are so extensive that they will dramatically impact our
      use of the site. This information coupled with a huge price increase has
      forced us to cancel our plans to use Prado Park for GWW 10.

      What this means for GWW 10:
      We are left with only seven weeks before the set up weekend of September 30/
      October 1. The Stewards, with the agreement of the Caidan Kingdom
      Seneschal, have decided that IF we can find another site by September 1 we
      MAY be able to proceed with the event for this year.

      PLEASE BE PATIENT while we adjust to this situation.

      For the time being we will be holding all pre-registrations until at least
      September 1 when the final decisions are made about the event. Once we know
      exactly what will happen we will make announcements regarding our refund
      process. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

      Gavin and I are heartbroken to have to make this announcement and we want to
      assure everyone that we will do everything in our power to find an
      alternative site. We are asking everyone to PLEASE be patient while we
      struggle to adjust.

      Visit the Great Western War Site for the latest information at

      Sir Gavin and Baronesse Cara Michelle

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