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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Book reviews?

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  • Amy Heilveil
    ... This book is a re-release without gold ink of an earlier title of Codices Illustries; The worlds most famous illuminated manuscripts by Walther and
    Message 1 of 10 , Aug 2, 2006
      > I found one book in the Art section that seemed like it was
      > tailor-made for our purposes. "Masterpieces of Illumination: The
      > World's Most Famous Manuscripts 400 To 1600" was hundreds of thick
      > pages of colour images of manuscripts . . . well, from 400CE to
      > 1600CE. Not all of them were European, but most were. There was
      > usually only one or two full-page illustrations per manuscript. The
      > price was unavailable on the dustjacket, and I was frankly afraid to
      > look at the sticker on the plastic-shrink-wrapped one, but Amazon
      > seems to believe that it's only worth US$25. http://tinyurl.com/symrv

      This book is a 're-release' without gold ink of an earlier title of "Codices
      Illustries; The worlds most famous illuminated manuscripts" by Walther and
      Wolf. It is completely worth the $25 that is being charged for the new
      release, even if it doesn't have the gold ink in it. The original title was
      US$60 so the new printing is a steal.


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