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Calling all costumers, submit your photos to Am I Period or Not

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  • Elizabeth Walpole
    Good morning my lords and ladies, Most of you will remember my last appeal on behalf of Am I Period or Not (or AIPON for short) but recently the flow of new
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2006
      Good morning my lords and ladies,
      Most of you will remember my last appeal on behalf of 'Am I Period
      or Not' (or AIPON for short) but recently the flow of new photo submissions
      has all but stopped (we've had one new photo in the last three months),
      so for those who have joined the list since I last sent a request and those
      of you who have forgotten please consider submitting a photo of your work to
      us so you can enjoy the virtual adulation of people all across the globe.
      The re-enactment season is starting up soon in the Northern Hemisphere
      (although for some it never stops) so if you've been working hard on a new
      outfit for the summer (or you've been making winter woollies for the
      Hemisphere) send us a photo while it's still pristine so in a few years time
      you can show people how good it used to look before you lost weight, it fell
      into the mud, you tore the hem and had to patch it up etc. ;-) If you've
      been inspired by a new book (like the new 'Tudor Tailor') you could make a
      note of it in your description so people can see what different people can
      do with the same basic information.
      If you have a photo of a costume you have made, from any period of history,
      please submit it to 'Am I Period Or Not'
      http://au.geocities.com/amiperiodornot/ . The 16th century costumers still
      seem to be the most productive set (with more photos submitted than any
      other era), submit your 16th century creations if you want the 16th century
      to maintain it's lead (the 19th century is a close second in numbers). But
      if you're a time period magpie (like me) it would be fabulous if we could
      see what costumers have been doing in all eras (even ones that never really
      existed like Lord of the Rings). Our Dark Ages and Byzantine section remains
      sadly empty almost a year after the site began, but I know there are people
      out there doing this era, like all those Vikings I see running around at SCA
      events (if you know somebody who has an interesting Dark Ages outfit offer
      to take a photo of them and ask them to send it to us, though please don't
      submit photos of other people's work).
      Please pass this on to anybody you think would be interested, after all it's
      much quicker and simpler to email a photo to us (see
      http://au.geocities.com/amiperiodornot/photos.htm for submission rules) than
      setting up your own webpage (even if you do have your own webpage you can
      always put photos of your work on AIPON and include a link to your webpage
      (or blog) to give people all the gory details like how much was finished in
      the car on the way to the event and how much swearing was involved).
      If you are unfamiliar with the concept here's a brief summary: People send
      in photos of the historical costumes they've made, the photos are loaded
      onto a website where people can view them, vote on how period accurate they
      are (or in the case of fantasy creations how creative or accurate to what
      they are recreating) and leave comments. While the original site (run by
      Kirrily Roberts a few years ago) was for pre 1600 costume only The New Am I
      Period Or Not website covers the fashions of any era you like, from the
      first civilisations to the day before yesterday (plus imaginary eras).
      The comments on the website are monitored and we (the moderating team) jump
      on any offensive content as soon as we are aware of it, we can't guarantee
      that such comments won't be posted but we can guarantee that we will do our
      best to keep on top of it and remove comments as soon as possible.
      I hope to see a flood of new and interesting photos in response to this
      Elizabeth Walpole
      Canberra Australia
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