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Re: [Authentic_SCA] Picnics Re: Digest Number 3185

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  • Bookwyrm
    ... I believe that this was termed the Assembly , as http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~wulfric/rentexte/fouillou/fig_c35.htm from The Art of Medieval Hunting:
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      On 15/03/06, m d b <vcairistiona@...> wrote:
      > > Although the Snopes article does suggest that the term
      > >"picnic" is OOP.
      > But it doesn't suggest al fresco dining is out of period;) If we
      > could find out what those diners are actually partaking of it would
      > help a great deal in giving it a name for an SCA context.

      I believe that this was termed the "Assembly", as

      from "The Art of Medieval Hunting: The Hound and the Hawk":

      Also apparent in practical manuals and imaginative fiction is the
      delight in good fellowship. The hunt is a social occaision; it is
      preceded and followed by good food and jollity, with plentiful wine
      for aristocrats and employed huntsmen alike. A vitual
      constituent is the 'assembly' or 'gathering' (Fig. 3), which,
      shuld be makyd in a faire mede, wel grene, with faire trees . . .
      alle about, . . . and a clere wel or some rennyng breke besides.
      And it is cleped gaderyng because that alle men and houndes
      for the huntyng gadren hem thider; . . . and alle the officers that
      parten from home shuld bryng thider al that hem neden
      overychon in hi office wel and plenteously, and shuld lay the
      towailles and boordclothes all about upon the grene gras, and
      sette divers metis upon a grete plater after the lordis pouere,
      and some shuls ete sittyng and some standynge, some lenyng
      upon her elbowes; some shuld drynk and some laugh, some
      jangle, some borde, some play, and shortly do alle manere of
      disportis of gladnesse. (Gace de la Vigne, Le roman des
      deduis, ed. A. Blomqvist, Studia Romanica Holmiensia, III,
      Karlshamn, 1951. Il. 8347-62)

      Fig. 3: the assembly or gathering; the merits of the various beasts
      located are assessed. Notice the droppings, spread on the tablecloth
      for examination. Image in book is a black and white version of

      Bookwyrm and Empath
      Ontario, Canada
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