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Picnic was Re: Period equivalent of a 'tea party' - a long post

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  • joannah_hansen
    ... motif ... suspiciously ... quite ... the hunt ... in ... itself ... in ... shepherds/ ... and ... where ... but ... presence ... serving ... acting ...
    Message 1 of 14 , Mar 13, 2006
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, Heather Rose Jones
      <heather.jones@...> wrote:

      > On Mar 12, 2006, at 2:24 AM, Joannah Hansen wrote:
      > > What about a picnic?
      > >
      > I can't speak to actual practice, but there's a common artistic
      > in the 15-16th centuries showing a "pastoral" scene with
      > well-dressed "shepherds" enjoying a meal al fresco that could
      > reasonably be equated to a picnic -- e.g., everyone sitting on a
      > cloth spread on the ground with various dishes of food in the
      > middle. This motif sometimes overlaps with the motif of
      the "hunt
      > meal", i.e., people out hunting, taking a break for a meal eaten
      > similar circumstances. The "hunt meal" motif often appears by
      > with both male and female hunters, but I've seen several examples
      > tapestries of male hunters just happening to be joined by female
      > shepherdesses for their repast. The purely pastoral scenes,
      > sometimes preserved the illusion of "we're all just poor
      > shepheresses here" with all the participants dressed similarly
      > only the luxury of the meal (and the neatness of the clothing)
      > bringing in an upper class element, but there are also examples
      > a subset of the diners are wearing ordinary upper class clothing
      > are dining in company with people dressed as shepherds. Another
      > upper class element that commonly intrudes in the art is the
      > of people clearly representing servants who are serving food and
      > pouring drinks, although many examples show the principals
      > each other.
      > My off-the-cuff suspicion is that the "hunt meal" representations
      > have a significant element of reality (which can probably be
      > corroborated from period records). I'm more undecided about the
      > reality of the "pastoral meal" scenes. These seem, for the most
      > part, to be an artistic idealization of the daily life of working
      > people. While we know that in the 18th century we have actual
      > examples of noble persons dressing up as pretend-shepherds and
      > out pastoral follies, I'm not aware of similar play-acting before
      > 1600 other than in the context of masques. But, on the other
      > the visualization of how a pastoral meal might be arranged and
      > presented is likely to have roots in some sort of upper-class
      > (e.g., the hunt meals).
      > I think that researching the content and conduct of period picnic-
      > like events could be extremely fascinating and result in some
      > delightful and educational re-creations. (In fact, there's an
      > I've made some vague mutterings about helping put together that
      > would work very nicely for ....)
      > Tangwystyl
      > --
      > Heather Rose Jones

      Thank-you, Heather, that was the exactly the sort of thing I had in

      >From: Jenn Ridley <jridley@...>
      >Date: Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:48 am
      > On Sun, 12 Mar 2006 13:49:19 EST, NINacide@... wrote:
      >>picnic is from the slave/colonial era of American history, the
      word picnic
      >>its self is not a flattering term when broken down into its parts
      and taken
      >Bzzzt. Incorrect. Snopes debunks this lie here
      >Please stop spreding this misinformation.
      >Picnic comes from the French, "pique-nique" The word picnic is
      >on the verb piquer which means 'pick' or 'peck' with the rhyming
      m>eaning "thing of little importance".
      >Anastasia Emilianova
      >Jenn Ridley : jridley@...

      I am horrified by the other meaning which some - I am lost for a
      description , here - person - seems to have attached to the
      word 'picnic' in the US. Has anyone ever tried to track down and
      expose the person who perpetrated such a vile perversion? And this
      has been believed by otherwise well educated people? I despair of
      people sometimes.


      Actually, I now feel a little better - I've been doing some surfing
      and found these sites - the battle against ignorance is being
      fought -





      Please excuse my rant, I was just so gobsmacked that something that
      I had suggested in all innocence could have been taken..... that way.

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